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SlutLoad Review



Review Pros

  • Lots of free HD content
  • Lots of free HD content
  • High-quality real amateur videos
  • Regular daily updates

Review Cons

  • Tons of porn tags
  • Ads are all over the page


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Ahaha, what an awesome domain name! It’s amazing! How’s the site?

Brother, I really love this domain name. While slut load females should be avoided at all costs in real life, you should get close to them on SlutLoad.com. This is a porn tube and it shares some of the hottest XXX videos you have ever seen. Tits everywhere, doggystyle, cowgirls, blowjobs, you name it, it’s all here!

It might not give you the best design and it might not give you fancy functionality, but it will does its job properly and it will take care of your desires. The homepage has their latest updates and there’s a main menu where you can go to reach different other pages. If you don’t want to see what’s new, you can change the results with most viewed, top rated, longest, most commented, most favorited. Scroll until you get to the end of the homepage. ‘Cause that’s where they added a section filled with all sorts of nasty tags. Would you like some examples? Today I’m in a good mood …

Sure, why not! Can you list those that you find most arousing, FapDude?

There are so many arousing tags here, I don’t know where to begin. I am not even sure if these are tags or they are, in fact, categories. It doesn’t matter, as long as it provides us a better functionality and a better fapping experience. Here we go now – shaved, natural tits (oh, yeah!), threesome, fingering and many others.

I am confident, now, that these are tags. First of all, there are some very specific terms that cannot go ever as categories! Second of all, there is a button in the main menu which says Categories. Would you like to know the categories, too? They might help you find out what kind of porn content they offer on their pages, man!

Alright, alright! You kind enough to share the most popular ones with me?

Right on the spot! Yeah, I can give you the most popular ones. When you go on the categories page, you will get a drop down menu that has sorting possibilities on it. Therefore, the categories can be sorted by most viewed, top rated, most videos or you can have them – default, in alphabetical order.

Let’s click on most viewed. This should be the closest thing to most popular. And these are the first categories – indian, celebrity, vintage, handjob and so on. While all the other tubes list amateur or teen as their most popular categories, it seems that SlutLoad has a different opinion. It’s good to see a tube that has visitors which enjoy alternative niches!

Is there a community around here? Do they have user-submitted content?

I know and I understand what you’re looking for. You want homemade porn, sent by real people. Well, you are out of luck. If you want genuine amateur porn, see my category and approach other destinations. SlutLoad.com has user-submitted porn, but it doesn’t involve girlfriends or housewives. Their main focus is on premium porn, that you can access for free. There is a button in the main menu, which says Community. If you will go there, you will find members. You cam know and you can watch whatever videos they have uploaded.

Their most active user has submitted almost 10k porn clips. So, yeah! Without any doubt, this site counts on the materials sent by people. If you want details about a member, you will have his age, location, gender, relationship status, number of videos posted, sexual orientation and a description. It seems that the number one active user, the one I was telling you about a minute ago, is actually a woman. A bisexual woman! She loves the pussy as much as she loves the wet pussy!

Is there a chance for me to have a pornstar index, to surf on it, FapDude?

Unfortunately, not! Their main menu is pretty simple and besides the categories page, they will simply repeat the filtering options that you already have in the drop down menu that can be found above the posts, on any page. If you remember the examples of tags that I gave you above, you will notice that they have a pornstars term there. Click on it! It won’t give you much, though. They don’t write in the titles who’s featured in the scene and therefore, is not like you will be able to sort the clips based on the porn actresses. Unless you, literally, see them!

You know what else you can do? And this might work! I have made some tests by using pornstars names and I got relevant results each time. In the header, they have the search function box. Type there the name of your favorite starlet and hit the button. The function will extract all the videos in which she is featured. This is the best you can do to find those nasty actresses that you love so much! Wait, I just noticed – there’s more! When you get the results with the pornstar, scroll to hit the footer. You will be able, there, to mix the name of the model with one of their categories. Example: Asa Akira and interracial! This will give you Asa and her award-winning ass, fucking a BBC!

So, being premium porn, I should enjoy a lot of HD adult videos, no?

Yeap! It’s logic to hope for HD porn videos, when we talk about premium shit. All the scenes that are in HD, will have a little red icon in the corner of the thumbnail. Not all posts have it, which means that they’re not lying! When I see a site that says HD on every video, I tend to believe that it is a big lie!

Take into consideration that you are about to enjoy premium porn from the best studios out there, without paying a single cent. Stop the moods, be grateful and enjoy whatever the quality of image they might have! If you trust me, you will understand when I’ll tell you that you won’t be disappointed!

Should I get rid of all the other porn tubes I was using, to visit this one only?

WTF?! I never said that! In any of my reviews! Sure, I can advise you to bookmark a site, I can even advise you to use it on a regular basis or to make it your first choice, but I never said that you should get rid of all the others! Well, maybe, just maybe, sometimes I say that you should make a destination your one-stop. It’s possible to sound like I’m advising you to go with that place, only!

Anyway, brother, this is what I’m telling you now! Visit SlutLoad! You have to be on it, you have to try its free premium porn and you have to see if it tickles your senses. Only then you will know if it is suited for you or not. If it’s good, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop going on other tubes. Use SlutLoad for the free premium porn and see the others for amateur hanky panky. As simple as that! Mnah, do whatever you want! I don’t care! I have business to take care of now! Bye bye, brother!

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