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SexLikeReal Review



Review Pros

  • More than 2k scenes
  • 73 porn studios available
  • Hot discounts available
  • Regular weekly updates

Review Cons

  • Membership is expensive


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I know what they did there with the domain name. Virtual sex will be like real, no?

Yeah, probably something like that. SexLikeReal.com is a virtual reality porn site. VR can be considered the closest thing to real sex, when it comes to the online environment. This destination is a Netflix-like platform, which means that you will have a lot of VR adult productions at your disposal, to choose from. It works with all kinds of headsets and the design of the site is pretty good. Well, it looks like a tube! A tube where you have to buy your way in with real dollars. That’s right! SexLikeReal is a premium site and this means that you pay for the porn. You can’t expect for the VR to be free. It costs a lot to produce it and it is only natural for the people that share it to ask you money in exchange.

The homepage is going to give you several things. First of all, there is a slider where they’re listing special offers, they’ll tell you about their features and so on. After the slider, there’s the Hot Virtual Reality Porn Videos Internationally. I don’t know exactly what this means, but I saw a few titles and they are great. It makes you fap just by looking at the homepage. Scroll for the Popular VR Pornstars. Go further with the SLR Pay-Per-Video Porn Specials and the Recently Featured Virtual Reality Porno. All these section titles are a bit confusing, but when you will become a member, everything will be clear once you explore them.

What are those great titles that you have seen in the section?

I knew that you’ll ask me that. Sure, I will write down a few, to see how they work. The most of the titles are pretty explicit, which is always good. This way you know what’s going on in the scene and it will be easier for you to make your choices. Some of them are long, while others are short. The short ones are not so explicit as we might want.
Threesome in POV – Latina FFM Hardcore HD VR, Virtual Waifu with Skylar Vox – Big Tits, Kill the Boss – Big Tits Blonde Pornstar Rough Sex, Sofia Lee – VR Casting, Young Big Tits Amateur. As you can see, some of the titles will also tell you the name of the starlets that play in the scene. These are made by different studios from around the world. I hope you understood how SexLikeReal works. They share videos made by other studios. It’s possible for them to also produce a few clips, I don’t know, since I haven’t checked. But most of the VR videos are from others.

Is there a menu that I can access to take advantage of all their pages?

Yes. The main menu is not in the header. They deal with a widget, on your left hand. That’s where you have to go for their pages and not only. VR Videos, VR Cam Girls, Pornstars, Categories, SLR App. As you can see, they have VR webcams, too. This is absolutely amazing – to have a model that does everything you want, in front of the cam, in VR. I will rephrase! VR porn is not the closest thing to real sex! Virtual Reality live sex is, the one with the cams! Go on the videos, to enjoy the clips. Sort them by Premium, Pay Per Video, Recent, Sale or by Hot, New, Top. There’s even a search function box where you can go with specific content, by looking for tags, pornstars, titles and so on.
Go ahead and explore on your own the pornstars index and the categories. When it comes to the index, I see no filtering options and therefore, I have no idea in what order they show you the girls. The widget with the menu will also give you the possibility to choose the quality of image – 5K, 90 FPS, 120 FPS. You can even tell them if you want, between results shown on the page, japanese / JAV virtual reality porn videos. Of course you want it! Everyone loves JAV VR.

Will I have trailers on the clips? Something to help me decide if I want to commit?

There are a lot of ways to decide if the site is going to give you what you want, in order to buy your way in, or not. There are the titles and the thumbnails. And every addition will tell you the studio that made the scene – if you know them, decide based on that. There are previews, yeah! One in the list of videos, if you hover your mouse pointer on any thumb and one when you get in the actual post. You cam even read descriptions, when you are in. They are well written! Also, see tags and other things like that.
People leave comments on the videos. Some of these comments will give you in-depth details about the scenes and this will also give you an idea. Everything discussed here and above is available in the free mode, without a registration if any kind. SexLikeReal has no problem giving you all sorts of goodies, so you can try before you buy. This is how it should be done! You can’t expect people to add their CC, if they don’t know what’s inside, right?

Do you think that this site would be a good destination for me?

I am convinced! Understand the fact that, when you pay here, you don’t get content from only one site. You get it from all possible VR platforms out there. It’s like you pay for a network. Well, in the end, SexLikeReal is a network.
That’s why I am convinced that it would be a good addition in your premium porn portfolio. You will feel elegant, like a big boss businessman that can afford top-notch VR porn …

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