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Sex.com Review



Review Pros

  • Amazing XXX pics
  • Awesome GIFs
  • Expensive domain
  • Pinterest style design

Review Cons

  • Obsolete pin-repin
  • Addictive GIFs


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Sex.com! Is this the best domain name in the world?

Yes, my brother, this is the best domain name in the whole wide world and everyone knows it! Even those that never thought of it, if you would ask them to tell you an obvious domain name, they would, for sure, say SEX.COM! That’s why it was the most expensive in the adult industry (yeah, in the industry – in mainstream there were 2 domain names with a higher price)! Let me find the amount of dollars paid for it at a point in time! … $13.000.000! You see this number? I haven’t wrote 13 millions, because I wanted you to see all those zeros!

Do you want to know what’s on it? That’s why I am having this discussion with you – I want to teach you everything I know about porn sites! This review / discussion will be like a guide, like a walkthrough! Sex.com it’s a porn picture website, known for the best porn pics and porn GIFs! Sure, it has sex videos on it, too, but it isn’t its best feature! Dude, let me tell you something! Right when I accessed the site, a GIF showing a big pair of natural tits welcomed me! So much joy in a single short motion picture!

You make me wanna see it as fast as possible! So it has hot XXX GIFs?

Lots of them! If we use the word ‘hot’ we will not make justice to the GIF that they have! I swear, this format that they share is much hotter than a porn video! You wanna know why? ‘Cause a GIF will show you the best part of a clip! Those who make them will choose the best 2-3 seconds of a material! And that moment will repeat until the end of time! You can fap so easy on a GIF! When we have a scene, or a full clip, we have to find the best part, scroll to it, rewind it and so on! That’s not the case here! Fap right away, see the good part over and over again!

You can pin what you see! Yeah, sex.com is built on a pin-repin system. I think that, when you are the one uploading the porn for the first time, it is called ‘pin’. If you share what someone else already pinned, on your profile, it’s called repin. Pretty simple, no? And the repin has a needle as icon. If you want to appreciate a GIF, without going with the needle, you can click on the heart – the like on sex.com.

Is there a big community behind it? Lots of people uploading sex GIFs?

What do you think? Sex.com is a money machine! When you spend 13 millions on a domain name, you can expect to earn a lot, no? Also, it is one of the biggest porn websites in the world! Of course that there is a huge community (not a big, but a huge community) behind the curtain. You will have lots of daily updates and this means that you can come back every day to see what’s new.

The homepage will give you right away the latest updates! If you want to see something more provocative, see the drop down menu above the first thumbnail! That’s where you can change the results with popular this month, popular this week, popular this year or popular all time! I am always curious to see these kind of tops, because I’m always curious to know what people find to be amazing! I don’t always agree, of course, but still it’s interesting.

Is there any page that shows their categories, to see specific content?

The main menu is in the header! The available buttons are videos, pictures, categories. Simple, right!? Simple, most of the time, means organized and great! When you will go on the categories section, you will have the niches and the possibility to choose between videos and pictures!

Here are the niches (best of them): amateur, anal, BDSM, teen and all the other good ones. Pages after pages of categories! If you will scroll, you will have a menu with numbers that will allow you to surf on more and more niches!

Can you tell me some titles taken from the homepage of sex.com?

Let me give you the titles of the most popular posts of all time – Creamy ending, She knows what he wants, Perfect anal, Hot damn … This girl is a gem. I don’t know who she is, but that booty …, Swing and spread, Perfect bunny and all the others. You should really see this top, brother! You should!

Does sex.com have a search box where I can go with my own terms?

Yeah, it’s in the header! And it is a pretty powerful one! I consider that a good search engine knows how to mix three of your terms! Most of them will give you results by mixing only two keywords! It’s not the case here! As I said, their search function is great!

You can search within their videos archive, or you can search for pictures. There is a drop down menu that allows you to choose between these! Oh, wait! There are some other options available here! So, search in videos, pics, GIFs, boards or users!

Users? Boards? There are popular porn users and porn boards?

Well, of course! It is a hobby, a passion to pin or to repin interesting XXX videos and pics. People do it on a daily basis and they are trying to do it only with great materials. And when they pin or repin things that are alike, or when they do it under a theme / genre / niche, they will have a board. You can access that board, to get the goodies! That’s why you can search on them! Maybe a Board has exactly what you’re looking for!

I don’t know, because I haven’t been active on sex.com, but it is possible for some users here to be treated as rockstars within the community! You can be one of them, if you will register an account to start doing your pins, your repins and to start creating your own hot porn boards for everyone to see!

Is it free to register? Or, is it free to do whatever you want on the site?

In other words, you want to know if this platform is a free site or a paid destination, right? It’s free, it’s completely free! While they do earn lots of money, they don’t earn from you! They sell ads, they have their own live sex cams and some other things. It is free to browse it and it is free to register! And it will always be! I doubt that they will ever ask for a paid membership in the future! And even if they will do so, I will be here to move the site into the premium category and I will let you know what’s going on!

It only takes a few minutes to have your own account and the registration process is not complicated at all! You need an email, like on any other sign up form and that’s about it! Since sex.com is a huge site with millions of visitors and millions of members in its database, I advise you to think for an available nickname! Most of them are already taken! With these being said, I am on my way and you can be on your way with sex.com! Dude, I can make a real bet with you! I can bet like 5K dollars on the fact that, in maximum a week, sex.com will become your number one destination for porn and therefore, for fapping! I trust this site and I know its powers! People love what they share and their domain name is hypnotic. Like for real!

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