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SeekingArrangement Review

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Review Pros

  • 100% free to join
  • Nice clean design
  • Dating site for sugar daddies
  • Free app available

Review Cons

  • Hard to find customer service
  • Premium features are not free
  • Some girls are very expensive



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I’m seeking pussy, brother, I’m not gonna lie to you, FapDude! Have you got some?

I have some, but it’s only for me! I’m not a pimp, so I can’t provide you pussy! But I can do something else for you! I will give you a great dating sex site where you can get the pussy on your own. The name of this place is seeking.com (full name: SeekingArrangement) and it provides so many hot women from around the world. With millions of members on its database, no matter where you are, it will for sure give you something to fuck. You can probably get a wife, too, if you want.

The homepage gives you some details about what’s going on inside. Where beautiful, successful people fuel mutually beneficial relationship. The odds are in your favor with thousands of attractive local women looking to meet you. Well, would be nice to be like that! No strings attached – redefine the expectations of a perfect relationship. Upfront and honest arrangements with someone who will cater to your needs.

Is this a popular dating site? How come I never heard of it?

This is what happens if you fap everyday on porn tubes. Do you think that the world ends there? Now you can have sex with real women. You can find them with ease, if you open your eyes. Seeking.com is one of those places where you can fuck with no strings attached. And yes, it is a massive elegant dating community, very popular, known world wide. That’s why it’s here, on my directory. You know I don’t list shitty websites!

SeekingArrangement has been featured on all of these publications: The New York Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The Huffington Post, Business Insider. What does this tell you? You can’t be on The New York Times if you are a fucktard. Only high-end sites can be there. Are you convinced now that they are popular? They even allow you to see some chicks profiles right there, on the homepage. It is the first network that I see which gives you the possibility to take a look at their babes with no registration required.

Alright, once you are done with the above, you will have the chance to look at the girls. They prepared like 10 pages. Profile photo, age and location. This is the info for each babe. I see girl next door type chicks, I see MILFs, I see selfies, I see cleavages.

Are these profiles for real? Maybe they invented some women!

Seeking.com is a huge corporation, a huge dating site! They don’t waste their time and their reputation with fake profiles. Be confident that everything around here is for real. In the end, see the girls listed on their landing pages, login, choose one and see if she’s real by talking to her. There are 10 pages with females. Enough profiles for you to test if things are real or fake.

What are some other great things that you can tell me about Seeking, FapDude?

Hmm! I don’t know, I like this place. It’s something about it that gives me confidence. They all talk bullshit and they all tell you stories about this and that. Some of these stories might be true, some aren’t. When it comes to Seeking, something tells me that they speak the truth. Maybe I’m wrong – in the end, a dating site cannot become so big if it offers bullshit. You should follow my lead and you should be confident, too, in this site’s power to give you sexy princesses.

Now, if we go back to your question, to speak on the subject, these should be some great things – it is one of the safest sites of this kind (your profile data, conversations, everything else, will be safe with them), it has a strict profile verification process (this will kill fake profiles and other issues of this kind), they might find you a fuck buddy in 5 days, millions of members world wide with over 150,000 active members on a weekly basis, 80% of the members are women (this is, probably, the greatest thing of them all!).

And now, FapDude, are you going to tell me what’s fucked up here?

I’ll get straight to the point! Like any other respectable dating platform, Seeking has a mobile app. All good until now! When you have a big company behind you, it means that you have money. When you have money, you can develop great shit, great features, even great apps! Again, all good until now! Here comes the fucked up thing – their app is only available on Android! WTF?!

How can this be possible? I mean, those with an iPhone … what will they do? How can you develop a mobile app without making it available also on the iOS? Maybe it’s a personal vendetta between SeekingArrangement’s company and Apple, who knows! Whatever the reason would be, this is a really shitty situation, but it might be resolved in the future! They might work on it as we speak, I don’t know! Until I can find the app on the App Store, I will consider this a very big minus on their reputation!

Sexy profile pics? Nasty selfies? Will I find any? Is it free to contact babes?

Why not? I mean, we have sexy profile photos everywhere, on every network. As long as it doesn’t contain nudity and it is not obscene or explicit in any way, babes can post on their profile whatever sexy pic they want. And you can see it, as it is free to see the profiles. And yeah, it is free to contact the girl that has a match with you. The site will give you matching suggestions. If you want, you can fine tune the shit to get only people that have been online recently. This way you will be sure that you will engage only with people that are active on the dating scene.

It is also free to upload pics. Yet, you will have to wait for them to be approved. I told you above that they don’t ask money to let you message some other member, but you need to have an approved profile photo, in order to do so. This is their policy and you cannot circumvent it. Brother, too many questions, less action. Why don’t you go on the site to register your account? When you’ll be in, you’ll have all answers to your questions. Bye bye now!

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