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RedTube Review



Review Pros

  • Complex pornstar page
  • Huge video archive
  • Tones of HD and 4K porn
  • Tags in video player

Review Cons

  • Lots of advertisements


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Isn’t this porn tube from the same XXX family as Pornhub?

You are a man of science, I see! Indeed, RedTube comes from the same family as Pornhub. This family is owned by MindGeek and these guys own many other wonderful adult sites. In fact, they probably own the best porn sites on the Internet! But if you want me to be more precise, I can tell you that they own the entire porn industry! The fact that they became so big means that they share quality adult entertainment. That’s why you will find all of their platforms listed on my amazing porn directory.

Yet, we are not here to discuss what owns MindGeek and how they make their money. We are here to talk about one of the biggest tubes! Its name is RedTube and you will be able to see on its pages all sorts of lovely sex scenes. Sure, even if it comes from the same family as Pornhub and even if it shares some content with its bigger brother, this doesn’t mean that you will not have a lot of content that cannot be found on Pornhub! In fact, from what I know, RedTube has so much sex that isn’t uploaded on the other place! Let’s start from this idea, shall we?

Understood! So what is great to be seen or accessed on RedTube?

I could say everything, but I’m pretty sure that you want me to be more precise and to elaborate my answer. That’s what I will do for you. First of all, I fucking love their preview system that they share on their thumbnails. Unlike other tubes, where you have to hover over the thumb to start the motion trailer, here, you will have to swipe on the print-screen. Available on mobile, of course! I never heard of swipe on desktop version, so don’t to excited, brother! Already told you a great thing. Let’s see what else is wonderful on RedTube …

RedTube can deliver trending porn from your country. The script of the tube will find your IP and it will know where’s your location. Based on that, it extracts adult videos produced by amateurs or by studios which are trending in your region and you will be able to watch all of them in a designated section. From what I notice, but I’m on mobile now (by the way, did you know that most traffic in porn comes from mobile users?) so I can’t know for sure what’s going on when you enter from a desktop PC, the section will find its place on the landing page.

How about their content? What kind of porn do they offer?

RedTube is specialized in … ha ha ha! It’s not specialized in anything in particular! They deliver any possible genre and they do it with success. From amateur real homemade XXX (and when I say real, I really mean it !!!), with the hottest girls nextdoor, horny girlfriends, horny college babes, horny housewives cheating their husbands or horny housewives in cuckold orgies, to studio-made productions with the hottest pornstars: blowjob, anal fuck, cowgirl porn, fetish porn (kinky BDSM, gagging, bondage, latex, leather, strap-on, dildos, sex toys), voyeur XXX, studio cuckold, ebony BBW with twerking asses, lesbian sex and so much porn.

I love the fact that they will tell you which porn videos are in HD. Those clips will show a little logo that says, obviously, HD, in the upper left corner of the thumbnail. It’s good, ‘cause maybe you have a mood to fap while watching crystal clear sex.

Do they have a pornstars section like big tubes have?

Let me check! I haven’t tried to look for a models category, ’cause I did not thought of that! Give me a second … they do, yeah! And they will offer so many sorting options in there! If you want to know the trending pornstars for that week, you can do that. If you want the recommended babes, you got them. If you want the girls by ranking on the site, here they are: Lana Rhoades, Brandi Love, Mia Khalifa (she is as popular as Jesus Christ), Riley Reid, Adriana Chechik (so beautiful this girl!), busty Ava Addams, Asa Akira (the hottest asian babe alive!), Dani Daniels and so many others. Next to their names, you will have a number that shows how many videos have been added with the actress.

Other sorting options are: most subscribed, video count, alphabetical or trending. They also show verified amateur chicks from your country (remember the IP story from above?). I find this section great as fuck and it is a delight to surf on it and to look for great sweethearts!

Can you give me some examples of categories listed on RedTube.com?

Amateur, anal, arab, big ass, massage, mature, MILF – shall I continue? You can access any of these (+ much more) if you will go to the menu where it says categories.

Once you are in a category, you can further filter the updates by recently featured, newest, top rated, most viewed or longest. For every category, once you are in, you will know how many videos you can watch – we are talking about thousands or even hundreds of thousands of porn clips.

You tell me only positive things about RedTube! What’s a downside?

Pretty simple, actually! The fact that you cannot mute the video that you are about to see, when you are on mobile, before hitting play. In fact, I haven’t seen a mute button on the player, unless you enlarge the clip and your mobile’s player takes over. It’s a fucking really bad downside. Imagine that you are looking for a good fap, while your wife and your mother-in-law are talking downstairs. You find a great Japanese porn video, with a lovely chick that has natural big tits in the thumbnail. You click play and the whore starts to moan right away, in the first second of the clip. Ha ha ha – what now, brother? A divorce?! What mother-in-law will ever forgive you for that? It will be obvious for anyone that you are watching porn!

The same thing can happen at work (I know that this is NSFW materials but I also know that you don’t give a flying fuck about that when you are at work), or it can happen while you travel by train. So remember to mute your mobile’s media volume before hitting the play button, here on RedTube.com.

From where do they get so much HD and 4K porn to post?

Like on all the other big porn tubes out there, RedTube is dealing with user-submitted sex. Even if we are talking about homemade porn, you can still record it in HD. Everyone has an iPhone these days or the latest fucking Samsung. These phones can record in HD with ease. Or even better! Therefore, it is no wonder that we have so much HD materials in our hands.

If we speak about studio porn, then things are even simpler. All studios, nowadays, are producing videos and movies in HD or 4K. And many users, who have a paid membership on their platforms, are downloading the content in order to upload it on tubes. I don’t know why they find pleasure in this! Maybe it’s like on Facebook – the number of views and the number of likes makes them happy! I’ve said it so many times – things like this are killing the damn industry! Don’t be like them, don’t ruin the industry! If you don’t have the legal right to share content, don’t do it! There are enough people doing it already!

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