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PornGames Review



Review Pros

  • Lots of free porn games
  • Some nice game parodies
  • Useful search options
  • Custom made porn games

Review Cons

  • Lack of categories


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PornGames.com is the best domain name for XXX online games!

Indeed, it is a great domain name. They are probably pioneers, if they have this domain name. They bought it back in the days, who knows how long ago, when it was still available. Or they paid a fortune to get it for their business! PornGames.com is a portal filled with all sorts of sexy games and visual-novels and it is 100% free. Mini games, the flash game type! They share a good design, it seems that their functionality is good, everything is in its place – you can be a winner with such a site in your pocket! I used ‘pocket’ as an expression, because you can’t use it with your mobile! Unless it’s android! iPhone had a disagreement with Adobe and because of it, nothing built on flash works on Apple devices! But sure, if it’s Android, it will work just fine and therefore, you can enjoy some XXX games at work!

Later edit: I’ve heard that they started to add html5 games. You have to check for yourself to see if this is true.

I don’t know why, but the colors they used on the template relaxes me a lot! Which is good! Not only that I can play, but I can do it relaxed, in order to focus on that animated hentai vagina!

Before going any further, can you give me some examples of game names?

Hmm, you know what I noticed? Sure, sure! I’ll give you the titles, but listen to me now! I was looking at their logo! Please enter the site and see it! It reminds you of something?! I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I think that it is a bit similar with Pornhub’s logo! The way they’ve done it, the colors maybe! Eh…

Alright, the titles! There is a widget on your right hand that says All games! I’ll give you some examples from there – Meet n fuck (full version), Games that will make you cum, Sex game download for Android, Shots for cumshots, Perfect gift, Hire me – Fuck me – Give me a raise, Strip Jack Pool, Wannabe model and so many others!

And do they have some categories that can be used to sort the games?

Unfortunately, not! They did not prepare categories! Maybe you won’t need them, once you start knowing the site and you get used to it, I don’t know! But in the beginning of your journey, it would be good for you to have some niches to use! Well, you will have to be satisfied with the filtering options that they arranged in the main menu – go with new games, most popular ones, best or random. That’s it!

Ah, yeah, you can also get a piece of curated porn games if you do it yourself, by using the search function box! It’s in the header, too! I don’t know how well it works, if it has a good engine behind it or not and I am too lazy to try it! Go ahead and do the math alone! Next question?

What happens after you have chosen the game that you want to play?

Is this a real question? I mean, are you serious? WTF can you do after you have chosen the game? You simply click on the title or on the thumb! I think that you mock me now! Grrrr! You will get the page that has the actual game! An interesting thing would be the link placed above the player! That’s where you can see the recorded video of the game! Someone played it and recorded it for you! I don’t know if this will help you on simpler games, but it can help you a lot if you need a walk-through for more complex games.

Underneath the player you will have some other games from partner sites. So, you will have ads! They are not annoying, they don’t bother you, they are not in your way, which is a great thing from an awesome site!

Are games attractive? Are the graphics, worthy of my time?

Let’s not forget that we are talking about mini flash porn games, visual-novels and not about World of Warcraft, LOL or MMORPGs! Consider this before expecting the moon from the sky! Even so, I like the graphics! They can make you fap, if I can put it this way! Is this what you wanted to hear?

I don’t know who’s coding those sex games, but who ever did it, it made a pretty good job. Who knows from where they take them! From everywhere, probably! But we are not here to concern with such things! We are here to have fun and why not, a gaming fap!

Do they offer diversity?

Yes, you won’t play the same shit over and over again as PornGames.com has more diversity that you can handle! Don’t think that they added a few XXX flash games under some porn niches and that’s it!

In fact, no game is similar with the other! In fact, there are so many animated characters within these adult games and you will get more and more, since they’re adding so many new ones!

Have you seen any popular characters on the pages of PornGames?

I should start with some Naruto! I’ve seen some characters around here! I also seen the chicks from Avatar, the blue chicks! Superheroes doing all sorts of nasty things! They also used the characters from Zelda: Twilight. Satomi is also here! Hentai people are here too! Everyone has gathered around to be in these free porn games.

And parodies? XXX game parodies? Have you seen any in here?

I am almost certain that I have encountered a Game of Thrones game! They had the blonde chick in the thumbnail! I also saw a game parody after Resident Evil! I played it a little and it was pretty nice! Like pretty, pretty nice!

I already told you about the superheroes doing the sexy thing in some games, so you can consider those parodies as well! In fact, every game that has popular characters in its action is a parody! Because, you can expect a game to give you a movie’s action, to follow its scenario! They use a character and that’s about it, that’s the parody! Oh, I also saw a parody after Sin City, it was a game with some chicks that had some really big boobs! And a parody after Mortal Kombat called Mortal Cum Butt! I mean, how awesome is this title?! How can someone think of something like that? Absolutely inventive! Now, I’ve told you all the possible secrets, I’ve answered all of your questions! It’s time to let me be and it is time for you to play some porn games on … PornGames.com! See you later, my dear friend!

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