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PornDig Review



Review Pro

  • Regular daily updates
  • Nice clean design
  • Tons of 4K videos
  • Free video downloading

Review Cons

  • Too many annoying ads
  • Weird rating system


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If it has ‘porn’ in the name, I am happy! What do you offer us, today?

Porn! You said it yourself, my brother! I give you porn! I don’t know anything else! This is my daily routine – to give you porn and more porn! The site I am about to give you here, is a tube and it likes to being premium porn to people, for free! Even if they have the word ‘amateur’ in the logo and on the categories page, they don’t really give you that. Under this niche, they provide lots of live sex private shows and lots of porn that is similar to homemade hanky panky, but it is done by professionals.

Everything else is clearly studio made. Premium XXX a few clicks away, for free! Whenever you have a mood for fapping, whenever you want some good time, come on PornDig, ‘cause this is the place with a lot of pornstars.

What hanky panky is listed on the homepage, bro? Good to fap?

The homepage has their latest XXX videos and you can change professional content with amateur sex. I explained above what you’ll get. Scrolling, will bring you more and more porn. You ask me if what they have here, on the landing page, is good for fapping? It’s perfect, bro!

It seems that when they’re doing an update, they don’t add like 1-2 posts. They add a lot! Which is wonderful! Especially when this means premium porn! For zero costs! The main menu will give you even more goodies and it also brings a pretty cool settings page which gives you the possibility to customize the site itself!

WTF?! What does that mean?! How can I customize PornDig.com?

Well, well … curios, ah?! As I said, go in the main menu! That’s where they have the thing. It is called Options and it has a little wheel next to the name! Click there! So, in there, you can fine tune what you see, how you see it, so forth and so on. Hmm, what am I talking about! You are too lazy to go on the site to see everything with your own eyes, which means that I should tell you everything about it, in here!

Create the porn site that meets your needs! This is the intro motto, on the page! And these are the check sections – Disclaimer 18+, Already seen videos (the XXX clips that you have watched), Streaming problems (for those of you who can have connection issues, change from HTS to HTML), Cookies, Categories (this offers the possibility to take out content that kill your mood, like gay shit or who knows what niche). There are some other things to check, but they are not so important to speak about them. All together, if you want be to be honest, this page is for marketing! It gives you nothing! There’s nothing really helpful in there, besides the fact that you can take out the gay or the shemale porn.

In order to know which niche to take out, I would have to see their list. So … ?!

God, you are unbelievable! You cannot do anything yourself! You need me on a regular basis! And it’s not like you can’t, you are just lazy! In order to get to the categories, you will have to open once again the main menu. Click on categories, of course. You notice some drop down boxes there? PornDig allows you to mix up to 3 categories between them. Like you can see 1.) asian 2.) anal 3.) public. It literally means that you will get some asian babe getting it in the ass, while being in public. I think that it is the first time when I see a tube with such a filtering system. And it is great! It cannot be more specific than that! For videos they share another awesome sorting options, but we will discuss about that later. Just remind me!

Alright! These are the categories that you can mix: anal, Arab, Asian, BDSM and many many many others. I love that there are two categories regarding the big boobs. Most of tubes have only one niche with big boobs, implants or natural. If you want to go with the latter, you have to use the search function box or you have to just browse until you get what you want. On PornDig, the natural breasts have their own sexy home!

Why not discuss now about the sorting options for the porn videos?

Sure, if you want! As you can see, this tube is a bit different than the other sites of this kind, since it gives you so many ways to find specific XXX. When it comes to the actual content, there are some other drop down boxes, just like on the categories page, where you need to go. First box is going to give you the power to sort materials by clicks (WTF does this mean?), rating, comments, views, date, length. With the second one, you can sort by period of time – month, year, all time. The third one – 270p, 360p, 540p, 720p, 1080p, 4K. I don’t know how they all are, I just told you what I see in there. The 270p clips must be recorded with a potato!
Last, but not least, gives you possibility to watch porn videos sorted by length – less than 15 min, 15-25 min, 26-45 min, more than 45 min. Any of these 4 boxes might give you the perfect post for a good fapping! I keep on telling you to remember that you’re about to approach premium porno fun that won’t cost you a cent. Are you still not entertained?

If I go on a video page, will they continue to give me special things?

Well, you deserve everything that is good on earth! Why not, you are an awesome guy, my best friend! I am on a video page right now and I don’t see anything special. Everything is the same as on any other tube! First, there is the player! It’s good that on mobile, they let you mute the clip before you click play! This is very important! Remind me to tell you something about their mobile version after we discuss the clip’s page. Underneath the player, you have the usual buttons.

When you want to make the clip one of your favorites, you can do that. If you want to download the shit, do that, too. You can share what you see or you can flag. It is interesting to see that they let anyone comment, since you don’t have to be registered to write. PornDig allows you to be a part of their team, if you want. You can write descriptions for them, you can add tags, whatever. For free, probably. Who does this without getting paid?

What about the mobile version of PornDig.com? It’s not good?

It works, you can watch the porn, sure. You can browse, the video player works fine, it loads, so forth and so on. But it has issues. When you try to sort something, the drop down menus might not open entirely. Only half! When you try to go with amateur sex, instead of professional porn, you might not be able to check the box, because it doesn’t really work to do so. If you rate a video or a comment, the number of upvotes / downvotes, might not work! You understand what I mean?

They have to put more effort in their handheld device version. So many people use their mobiles and their tablets to fap. While your wife is at home and you want a quick fap, you go in the bathroom. What do you take with you? Your PC? Maybe your laptop? Your phone, of course! I am sure that they are working on this as we speak and that everything will be resolved very soon.

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