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Pixiv Review



Review Pros

  • Uncensored original hentai
  • Active community of perverts
  • Safe and easy to use website
  • Tons of hentai porn content

Review Cons

  • Some banner ads


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I am one of those guys that really love a good hentai manga site! What’s for today?

It is a good day for manga porn! I am in a good mood, I have found a great website for all hentai / manga fanboys out there! Even if I don’t like this genre, this doesn’t mean that I don’t know what’s good for you! I am the FapDude! Porn industry has no secrets for me and therefore, for this reason, I deliver only the best destinations out there. Brother, take a look at Pixiv.net! It’s filled with all those cartoon porn materials that you like! The design is good, for a manga site. We all know that most of the places that post under this niche, are confusing as hell and they have the worst functionality. It seems that Pixiv is an awesome illustration communication platform where people can post, read or view illustrations, manga and novels…futa comics, yoi comics and whatever other comics you have in mind.
We will speak about the mobile version of the site, simply because the desktop platform doesn’t really show you anything if you don’t login. There are some twerks to bypass that, but I am too lazy to explain how. Mobile version is great for you! Let’s proceed …

The homepage? What about it?

The homepage shows, by default, the recommended illustrations. It’s like a section with featured stuff. Or they arranged the materials based on their rating? I have no idea. And I don’t think that it matters. Scroll for more sections – Manga recommendations, Original recommendations, Tanjirou Kamado recommendations, Daily ranking. There are some contests going on and if you want to see what’s this all about, scroll until you reach the footer. If you want something else on the homepage, change the illustrations with manga or novels.

What’s that … novels? Writings with all sorts of characters or WTF?

It seems that you know the rules of the game. Yes, the section that gives you the novels is offering … novels. But you have to speak Japanese, or whatever that language is. Something asian, that’s for sure! I did my best to find novels in English, but without any luck. It would be no wonder for me to learn the fact that there are novels in English hidden under the submenu of the main menu that can be seen on the menu of the menu. If you know what I mean …

I don’t know, brother! If you can find anything to give people novels that can be read in an international language, feel free to contact me and I will update this review in the blink of an eye. Still, you are not here to read sex stories. You came for the porn drawings, so let’s speak about those, instead. How about that?

Alright, you are correct! What’s going on with the manga here?

While I am not a hentai comics fan (a thing that you already know), I can say that the materials added as manga on Pixiv are more than great. I have no idea who created them (maybe they share famous artists or whatever), but for sure the artists are very talented. They will again, give you recommendations and you can proceed with those. You know what’s interesting? These series are so well drawn, that you can still understand what’s going on and what’s the action, even if the dialogues are in Japanese. I am kidding, man! It’s Japanese, of course! Or isn’t? Grrrr … fuck me, I don’t know!

You can see the daily manga rankings, or you can access the editorial recommendations. Maybe you have a mood for their popular artwork? Anyhow, they are all there! Some contests are available here, too, on the manga section of the site. I am pretty sure that you have to login, at least, or to do something for this awesome hentai porn community, to be in a contest.

What’s in their main menu? Any good pages to go with, FapDude?

The main menu doesn’t hold many pages, but enough to make your life easier when you want to browse around. Recommendation, Rankings, New, Official contests. Once again, you can go with what they gave you already, on the homepage. The New page will give you, obviously, all the latest updates that they add. Hidden under little thumbs, you will be able to browse the additions with ease, since they are all arranged one next to the other. If you want to go further and further, on more pages, use the menu with the number.

Until this point, the site could have been a little bit confusing (not as confusing as other destinations under this niche), but seeing the main menu, everything will be crystal clear, because you will be able to access anything you want, fast and with ease. Everybody wants to go with the latest updates! Fuck recommendations and editorial picks.

You think I will be happy with this site? Do you recommend it, FapDude? Hahaha!

Yeah, it was about time for you to recommend something, since Pixiv has so many recommendations on its pages. This was the word of the day, no doubt! Leaving the joke aside, the site is a hentai heaven, a pretty good place to be, if hentai manga is on your mind!

They are doing regular additions, they go with series drawn by talented people and they even have contests! All together, what I’m trying to tell you is that Pixiv can be a great new asset in your bookmark’s list. Sure, it can be confusing when you go in for the first time, but it is not as confusing as all the other manga sites are. Also, sure, you might have some problems since the dialogues are in Japanese, but once again I have to say … you will know what’s going on in the scene, even if they don’t speak English. You should visit them! That’s the only way to see if my words make justice for the site, or not!

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