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PerfectGirls.net Review

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Review Pros

  • Regular daily updates
  • Amateur porn program
  • Big collection of porn videos
  • Amazing quantities of porn

Review Cons

  • Intrusive ads
  • Not so many filter options
  • Some videos might be pirated



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Really? I mean, FapDude, they are really perfect? Like really fuckable?

You know what I’ll do, for you to see that this porn tube is actually good? I will write in this review what are their most popular tags – naked girls, nude girls, lesbian sex, public sex, VR porn and many others. What do you think? Curious enough, now, to continue this discussion? Not only that the content is good, but the design of this tube is also great. You rarely see good nice templates on tubes. The homepage will start with … I don’t know! There are some videos there, but I have no idea what’s going on with them! Could be featured clips.

If you will scroll, you will get the menu with numbers that allows you to go with more filled with porn pages. Ah, got it now! Those videos are the latest updates. Well, you can’t blame me! Lately, many sites list on the homepage categories, videos based on rating. So I am used to see that, rather than latest additions. Near the footer, you will have the section for the popular tags, from where I’ve taken the above examples and popular pornstars. We will, later on, discuss about what starlets you can watch on PerfectGirls! Until then, maybe I should tell you the categories found here …

Can’t wait to know the pornstars, FapDude! Sure, what are the categories?

Amateur, anal porn, arab, asian, blowjobs (this shit is sexy as fuck, if you ask me), gangbang, erotic, voyeur, public, webcams – as you can see, they deal with some interesting specific categories. They don’t share the usual ones, only. Which is good. This can make a difference.

Whenever you want even more specific, use the tags list. Or go with your own, by using the search function box that can be found in the header. I haven’t tried it, so I can’t tell you how good it is or how well it can mix your terms – if you go with more than one in the box, of course!

Now, FapDude! Now! The time has come! Can you tell me about pornstars?

I have one good news for you! And a bad one! I should begin with the good one, no? Alright, so, in the main menu, there is a page called Pornstars (obviously). That’s where they added their entire army of perfect girls. Good news, right?! Now here comes the bed news – there is no sorting options, you can only see them in alphabetical letter and you can jump to any letter. This is bad, don’t you think? I mean, not all of us have favorite pornstars that we know by name. This means that maybe we will try filters that will give us the possibility to have the starlets listed by rating, by number of Twitter followers, interesting stuff. You understand what I mean?

I will teach you a trick! Scroll to reach the footer. Remember what I was telling you above? That in the footer you will have sections for tags and for pornstars?! And do you remember what else I said? Popular pornstars? That’s where you can see them sorted by popularity! At least this is available here!

Hmm! You are right! Not good without filters! What else is in the main menu?

Lots of cool stuff. The main menu will begin with some check / uncheck options. The first one says Video preview. If you want previews on their additions or not! Why wouldn’t you want trailers? Why would you take them out? I don’t know … I’m not sarcastic, I am really asking – when or why would you uncheck video previews? Maybe when you have a bad connection? The second one says HD Only. Now this is one important option. This will, for sure, help you. If you check this, they will give you only those productions that are for real in high definition. And let me tell you one thing – they have a hell of a lot of HD porn videos. Last, but not least, there is a third one where they wrote Big thumbs. You click there if you want the thumbs to be double in size!

After these, they will proceed with the actual pages – Top videos, categories, pornstars, tags, favorites, history, VR porn. You can even change the language of the site, if english is not your thing. You know what’s nice? The fact that you can add favorites or you can access your history, without an account. They will install cookies on your computer to be able to do so (which is a normal thing nowadays). This is the message that you will get on the history page – “ CONSENT
We request your consent to track your history of views on Perfect Girls. The cookie will be installed on your computer and will be automatically deleted after 7 days if you will not visit our site during this time”.

If I choose to see a clip and I go on the player page, what do they have there?

Uhm, mhm … the video player, d’oooh?! Heh! Yeah, of course – you will have the player! It looks good and it works good. And it is great, because it allows you to mute the volume before playing the video. This is important, especially when there are people around you. The player gives you the possibility to play the video in 360p, 480p or 720p. Now, I am confident that this is related to your connection. Underneath the player, you get different other goodies, like the title, the categories under which the video has been added, date of upload, number of views or runtime. You will also have the possibility to click on a heart, if you want the porno clip to go into your favorites list.

I just noticed something cool: on mobile, in the corner of the player, there is a button which says Scenes. Clicking there, you will be able to start the material from different scenes, if you don’t want it to flow from the beginning. It’s different! I like that!

The amateur category really has homemade porn, or it’s still studio-made?

PerfectGirls.net is an adult tube that focuses its effort on delivering the best possible premium porn. So no, unfortunately (or fortunately?), the amateur niche is still with studio-made sex. All the videos posted there are ment to make you think that the scenes are with amateurs, but in fact, you will see actors. Come here for top-notch materials, for crystal clear love making, for the pornstars. Use some other destinations for the amateur fun.

You need to understand one thing and you need to start complaining! You don’t have to pay anything for all this premium adult entertainment. High quantities of XXX, regular updates – all for free! Yeah, you got me right – free premium porn.

Stop yelling at me, FapDude! You said regular updates? I’ll get more porn?

No doubt! PerfectGirls is a respectable porn tube which is very active. They are doing regular updates, like on a daily basis. It’s not a tube made by some guy, in his basement. There’s probably a company behind this website. A company that does a pretty good job!

When it comes to this place, you should not worry about anything! The porn is absolutely drop dead great, everything is free and it will always be, it will rain on you with fresh XXX videos and you will have the time of your life, brother! The site even has an exquisite mobile version, so use it anywhere you want (NOTE: it’s NSFW)! After you had enough porn, come back and let me know by writing a comment on my porn review.

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