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Nutaku Fap CEO Review


Nutaku Fap CEO

Review Pros

  • Nice videochat simulator
  • Tons of free features
  • Nice in-game bonuses
  • Good artwork and game play

Review Cons

  • Hard to earn crystals
  • Limited free to play experience


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FapCEO? So, I can have my own business in-game, while I fuck the damn bitches?

True that, brother! This review is all about the money and the babes! FapCEO is a dating sim game site. And it’s awesome! It has amazing graphics and an epic storyline! This game will give you the possibility to build your own porn empire that involves live sex videochat. In some parts of the world, yeah, the live sex webcam niche is called videochat. Especially in Eastern Europe! You will deal with studios, babes and so on. Isn’t this lovely? If you’re a gamer and a true porn fan, this is your chance to mix them!

The game works on PC and Android. They say nothing about iOS and therefore, if you have an iPhone, well, what can I tell you – use your desktop to enjoy FapCEO!

Alright, I understand! But, can you give me more details about the gameplay?

First of all, as discussed above, you have to start building your live sex webcam empire. It’s an epic, sex-filled journey. So much pussy to fuck in-game! Sex while you become the most powerful owner of a videochat business. Yeah, you can mix business with pleasure, on FapCEO!

Besides upgrading your studios, you will have to hire sexy girls. These will bring you money to become more and more powerful. Imagine that the babes will be in your bed, in the blink of an eye.

Oh, nice! And how are the cam models? What can you tell me about them?

The girls have unique characteristics, like their personality or the looks. Talk to them, listen to their words, their story. They have desires! If you will do that, the game will give you uncensored hentai content! If you level-up the chicks, you get more money! As simple as that! Focus on what excites them and get rich by turning the girls on. You can sell your business, if it is valuable, to start over. More girls will unlock in this situation!

FapCEO will give you an office. You can decorate it however you want, with exquisite and eccentric items, all with their own benefits. There are new skills that you can learn! You know what’s absolutely great? You can collect pictures with the ladies that you will hump. Your own collection! King of the world, I tell you! This is what you’re going to be!

You said that the game is a dating simulation, more or less? Is it hard to play?

Come on, It’s not a brain surgery! How can it be hard to play? Not at all! It’s easy! It’s not a game where you have to kill your brain, to focus, to whatever. FapCEO will help you relax and it will give you the fun that you’re looking for, without too much effort. It’s a clicker / idle game, with elements of a dating simulation. You can consider it a hentai game if you want, since FapCEO is done in a Japanese anime style.

I love the auto-saving thing. Every 30 seconds, your progress will be saved. Basically, what you play, will never be lost. And the app for Android is awesome, too. Everything that you have on the PC version, will also be found on the mobile app.

So, you say that I cannot play it at all on my iPhone? I ask because I travel a lot!

Where do you travel, when you’re almost all the time in here? You’re traveling in my directory, yeah, that’s for sure! Alright, pay attention to what I’m saying here! FapCEO works on PC, ok? You download the client and you play it! It also works on Android! You download an app and here comes the fun! For iPhone, there is no app. Nothing to download, you can play the game directly on your mobile!

FapCEO is a browser game! In the end, maybe it’s better that you don’t have an app on your phone! Your wife might check it! She might see that you play a porn game and that’s the moment when you’re fucked. If you go on the browser, incognito mode, nobody will know what you’ve done, after you close everything. You know what I mean, brother? How many times have I gave you tips and tricks to save your marriage? Porn is not good in relationships and therefore, you have to do everything in your power to keep all your secrets a secret!

What is their currency? And, overall, do you really recommend this game?

Their in-game currency is rubies! You need them to go forward. They are pretty hard to obtain! And you really need them. Well, if you have the money for it, you can buy as many as you want with your credit card. There are special offers, so forth and so on. Now, don’t think that without real money, you can’t go forward. You can, no worries, as I said, it is easy to play, but it might take longer. It takes more time, if you don’t have plenty of rubies at your disposal from the local shop. There are games that allow you shit without spending real money. It’s not the case here. You can enjoy FapCEO for free!

Why would I list it on my directory, if I don’t really recommend it? I do! I do recommend it! That’s why I added it. That’s why I’m having this conversation with you! Otherwise, we would discuss about anything else, at this moment. Does it make sense? Well, you never pay attention to my words, so it’s no wonder that you ask me silly questions!

FapCEO is one of the greatest porn games in the business! Not only that it gives you an unique story-line, special features and so on, but it also shows amazing graphics! The designers of this game are really talented and someone invested real money in the development of this platform. It’s up to you if you want to play it or not, but for sure you have to give it a shot! Try it a few hours and only then make a decision! If you have other questions about this XXX game, ask me! I am here to give you my help and my support! ‘Cause I care about your porn experience and your porn journey! Alright, now! We are done here! See you later when you will post a comment on this review!

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