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NewGrounds Review



Review Pros

  • Active perverts community
  • Tones of sexy games
  • Some hot visual novels
  • High-quality sex games

Review Cons

  • Some ads, nothing scary


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I have a feeling that we are talking about a portal with porn games. True?

Yes, the “Adult games” section from NewGrounds is the place where developers share their XXX gaming projects. When I say developers, I’m talking about people like me and you. You won’t have studios here, but normal people trying their luck in the adult games niche. They work a lot to deliver a good porn game and they post it here for people to see them and to observe the feedback. Every game is posted under a wallpaper, under a title and all sorts of details: author comments, number of views, faves, votes, score, tags. Once you have played a game, the site will give you similar others that you can enjoy.

So it’s a portal, I was right, no? How’s the design of this site?

I told you to stop talking like you know the secrets of porn! The design, I don’t know! Wait, first, indeed, it’s a portal! And the looks of it is pretty simple and casual! Nothing fancy, nothing really wrong. The layout won’t bother you and they have arranged the sections pretty well! When you will open the post of a game, they will give you a warning – excessive nudity / explicit audio / explicit adult themes. After this warning, here comes the author’s comments.

Let’s use a real example! I went to see Jenny Wrong Number, a game with a mysterious messenger in a series of dirty dares and public fun. The author is some guy / developer called Ontadoxy. In the author comments section, they will tell you that we have a game that follows the choose-your-own adventure game system, where you engage with the messenger. Minding your own business one day, you receive a new text message and some hot booty shots from an unknown number. It seems that the girl who sent it, mixed the phone numbers and she ended up sending you the nasty things.

What now? You will tell her that you are not the person she’s looking for? Or you will go further, pushing her limits? Bla, bla, bla! So this is how a description looks like and this is an example of a game that can be found on NewGrounds. Continue with some other details like features (in this case, full-color game CGs, branching dialog options, multiple endings) and tags under which the game was added (Jenny Wrong number has tags like adult and futa).

It seems that the XXX games have advanced! They’re not mini anymore!

Yes, as you can see, the games are advanced. Their not mini flash games, no! The developers put a lot of effort and time in creating these products and you should give them your support!

Support?! Do they ask money?! They want donations?! They want CCs?!

You can show your support in different ways, not only by sending money. All games are free and they are not looking to earn – yet! They want to know how are the games accepted by people, they want to know your feedback, et cetera. I am pretty sure that most of these developers are doing this for the passion of it, not for earning money – yet! So don’t be so nervous about it, your credit card is still in your wallet and no one wants to see it!

NewGrounds will not stop here and they will come with new games, that’s a fact! They were much popular back in the days! They are still big, but they’ve been even bigger in the past! The knowledge of delivering a good site is right there and their experience will offer you only the best projects!

Have you played games on NewGrounds.com? Do you have a favorite one?

I did play a little bit, but I don’t have a favorite porn game. To be honest, I tend to like all of them, because I know how many hours it takes to produce them and I want to give my trust to the developers. Imagine that they are working in their free time and they earn shit from all this work. That’s why I told you above that you should give your support to them.

Most important, since they don’t ask money and it is free to play and since they don’t need you to register (unless you want to share your comments, your thoughts and your votes / rating), there is no reason for you to not give it a test drive! They even have porn games with nitro and drifts, FFS!

Comments? Can I tell them what I really think about a game?

You thought that you can’t? Of course, yeah, you can speak your mind in the comments section. Pages after pages filled with the comments written by people who played the adult games! And you will rarely see negative feedback! Like really rare! This is a good thing, people love what they have from the developers!

In order to be able to leave a comment, you will have to register. It is free to do so, the process takes only a few minutes and you will get fewer ads. That’s how the site makes money – by delivering ads! But all ads are in their place, they won’t bother you, they won’t be in your way.

What now? What’s next? Is this discussion done, can I go on NewGrounds?

Finally! Are you teasing me now? I mean, can we really end this discussion? Alright, let’s be serious for a second! The discussion is done, since I’ve gave you all the infos. You don’t need to know anything else! The next step would be for you to visit the actual portal.

There are many games still in beta and it would be great for you to be amongst the first that are playing it. You can share your thoughts and your ideas and who knows, maybe the developers will consider it and you will change the actual game! You would like that, wouldn’t you? All your friends will know that your opinion is so important, that someone modified a game for you. Well, leaving the joke aside, this is the purpose of beta versions. They go online with the game and they wait the feedback with the good sides, or with the errors, the this and the that. They will use these details to make the game even better, for you and the rest of the players. I do hope that you know what a “beta version” is! If not, Google it now! Goodbye, brother!

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