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MySexGames Review



Review Pros

  • Nice game-play videos
  • Clean, fast website
  • Free sex games
  • No registration needed

Review Cons

  • Basic search feature missing



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The name says it all! What type of games? Porn mini flash games?

Yeah, the site shares a pretty obvious name and it is easy to understand what’s going on inside. Since they use the plural of games, indeed, you can expect adult mini flash games. I am not sure if all of them are flash or not (‘cause I’m not a programmer), but I do know that most of them are! The easiest way to find out is by opening a game via an iPhone! If it works, it’s not flash! If it doesn’t work, well, you got the picture! iOS doesn’t use flash, ‘cause they consider it obsolete. Still, you can play any of these games on your PC, brother!

I tested it, and there are tons of html 5 games added lately which work on iPhone (no matter what type of iPhone you have)

The site looks like a portal and acts like one! With over 1000 free sex games and a new addition every week, MySexGames.com will for sure win your heart! It’s not a place where you come for complex games, to focus on them, to try to do your best by playing hour after hour to change the level! Not at all! The platform is for relaxation, you have fun, you play this, you play that, you’re on your way! It’s a pocket visual novel porn games destination and if you are using a smart device, you are the luckiest mother fucker alive! Your long trips by train and your 8 hours work will feel different now! We all know that porn games are NSFW, but you don’t give a damn about it!

So how’s the actual site? How’s organized?

They start the party right away, immediately! They don’t lose time with bullshit and they will give you lots of games right there, on the homepage. Remember that the menu which allows you to browse on more and more pages, can’t be found under the header and not near the footer, as you are used. I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. It just is! Still under their logo, in the header, they will give you some buttons that hold the filtering options! New games, top rated, action, adventure, puzzle, dress-up, cartoon – this would be it!

I don’t use other buttons, I don’t see a search box, I don’t see other sorting possibilities or a categories page. Only porn games! XXX flash games everywhere!

Alright, I understand! And if you go on a game’s page? What’s there?

First of all, as you can expect, the in-the-game page will give you the client, the player, or call it however you want. Underneath it, they have the description of the game.
Under the description, the webmaster prepared the game category. Sure, they add them under categories and you can push if you want to access more games of that kind, but there’s no page with a full list of categories! At least, I haven’t discovered it, yet! Maybe you have better luck! Other links that will give you on the game’s page are Game play URL, Game recording / Video walkthrough (this is nice to have at your disposal) and Game screenshots. It seems that the authors of MySexGames.com did their best to deliver a professional product. You can even leave comments, if you want to share your thoughts about a game.

Comments? Can I post what I think? Is there an active community?

The site itself is active, it has a hell of a lot of visitors, but these visitors come to play and away they go. They do not leave too many comments, since the platform is not really a community destination, but more of a site with games and that’s it. Still, see the good part – if you will post a comment, everyone will see it, because there is a chance for you to be the only one leaving the message.

You need to use your Facebook, in order to login, on the comments section. It’s up to you if you want to do it or not! It depends on how bad you want to make your thoughts public. Understood my point, dude?

Point taken, yeah! Can you give me some titles of porn games from here?

Ain’t I always?! Sure I can! I am in a good mood today (‘cause I just found a hot babe on Tinder and I’m about to see her tonight) and therefore, I won’t argue with you and I’m going to deliver whatever you might want.

School breeding orgy, Voleyball orgy, Seven lustful sins, Deep space sex, Treasure of Nadia, Fucking my hero and so many others. Their games are in a red square. Partner games (you will be taken on a different tab, on a different site) are in a yellow square. Remember this!

You said that they are uploading a game per week! You sure about it?

Yeah, I am confident that they are doing it. No worries, you can always see the new games on the homepage. And you will never run out of content. They have so many games added in the past, that you will need like two lifetimes to play them all!

You know what I did once on a portal with porn games? It was like 10 years ago, can’t remember exactly and can’t remember its name. I played on that portal for 2-3 years. My main mission was to see how many games I can complete. And I think that I finished 29 games. They were the same as the games that you’ll find on MySexGames.com – mini adult flash games with amazing graphics. Trust me when I tell you! Some games posted here will blow your mind when it comes to graphics! Take into consideration that we are talking about mini games and not about standalone games, like MMORPG and shit!

Who’s making these games? I doubt that the site develops them!

Well, when we talk about mini porn games, I have no clue who’s bulding them. There are independent developers everywhere in this world. They don’t do it for money, they’re doing it for the passion of it, for fun, for the joy that you have when you see that people are playing your XXX games. Maybe some of them are making a bit of money via Patreon, but I doubt that there are many! MySexGames.com doesn’t make them! At least, this is what I think. I would have seen something on the site that would make me think otherwise.

There are persons all around the world that enjoy porn. That’s the reason for which porn industry is one of the biggest / richest industries in the world. And there are persons all around the world that enjoy games. They mix them in flash games. I know for a fact that there are girls who love to develop such shit! It’s sexy to imagine a babe in a bedroom, working hours after hours to come up with a short, fun, erotic game that will be played by people world wide, on websites like MySexGames.com.

Speaking of money, is it free to play and to browse in here?

It is absolutely 100% free. There is nothing in here that would cost you money. They are earning their income through ads. The commercials are ok, they are not in your way, they won’t bother you! My second guess regarding their way of earning would be related to the partner games that they show on their platform – remember the yellow squares I was telling you about earlier in our discussion?

I’ll say it again! MySexGames.com is not a complicated site and it doesn’t deliver complicated games! When you want to relax, you have to come here and try some fun porn games. You can easily find one or two that can tickle your boxes as there are many niches available! You should do what I did – see how many games you can complete in a given period of time! Until then, see you later, my friend!

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