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Motherless Review



Review Pros

  • Awesome new design version
  • Tons of real amateur content
  • Crazy Motherless girls
  • Hot picture galleries

Review Cons

  • Some annoying ads



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I remember this name! You have it on other categories, right?

Yes, I have it, ‘cause it’s great! Motherless changes everything and it’s a huge player within the porn industry. Maybe they won’t win through their design, or maybe they won’t win through their functionality, but for sure they will win because of their quantity. I am not sure how big is Pornhub, but it would be no surprise for me to hear that Motherless is even bigger. And they would win because of their diversity! If something involves porn and you want to fap on, Motherless will have it for you! I don’t know who’s behind this project and I don’t know how come this tube became such a giant, but I don’t know that they are worthy of a position on my porn directory! Without any doubt!

Another aspect that needs to be remind here, would be the fact that there is a kinky community behind Motherless! Just like on Pornhub, the chicks from within this community, love to share their selfies, their nudes, their videos. Mnah, what can I say, for fuck sake! This site doesn’t deal with bullshit and this site is a mother fucking winner in porn! What I don’t know is why they don’t want to invest in a better design. They can be top 3 porn tubes, if they put their mind to it!

Speak more about the amateur girls! It’s free? Much porn? Hot porn?

How come you don’t want to know their categories? The pornstars featured in the scenes? The filtering options? Are you drunk? What’s up with you, haha? It’s simple, brother, to access the babes that send their stuff. Go for the main menu – it’s up in the header, where it should be! If you will click on it, a drop down menu will reveal all the pages. One of them says Motherless girls! Obviously, this is the section where you will have the profiles! Daaaaamn! Every profile will have a photo in which you can see the bitches! And all of them have written Motherless on their bodies! How cool is that, FFS?!

So, if your girlfriend wants to be a part of this wonderful community, tell her to get a pen. Write on her tits the name of this tube and upload the shit! The entire planet will see her – Motherless has millions of visits! This is what the webmasters say, if you want to actually do what I said above – 1.) Take a picture of yourself, at least partially nude, with ‘Motherless.com’ written somewhere on your body! The writing must be on skin! Holding up signs does not count! 2.) The picture must be at least 400 pixels wide and it should be pretty clear. We don’t want barely visible, crappy pictures. 3.) Please do something with your site profile. We don’t want to link Motherless girl pics to empty profiles (a girl can’t just send the pic with the writing – she has to also send porn videos and pics with herself). Well, if your girlfriend is up to it, then let her do it! We want to fap on her, brother!

This means that all the girls with the writing are also amateur stars here?

Well, yeah, we can call them ‘amateur stars’. All of them have pics and clips sent here. You can access all the materials without an account and you can do it still on the Motherless girls page. If you push on the image, the photo with the writing will enlarge. If you push on the username of the babe, you will open her profile and her collection.

Besides the XXX content, you can see some details about the girl, like her orientation or since when she’s a member. If you are bored, you can read the comments left by visitors on the profiles! There are thousands of messages and it is fun to see them. To engage with more and more beautiful sweethearts scroll like there’s no tomorrow!

May totally surprise you, but I want now the categories! Share some with me?

Well, I don’t blame you when you want examples of niches. Seeing them, you can know what to expect when you finally decide to enter on the site. Brother, here we go, discover the most exciting categories on Motherless – amateur, anal, BBC, BBW, bizarre, bukkake, crossdresser, cuckold, cumshot, DP, drunk, ebony, euro, machine and many more! I fucking love to see a site that has all sorts of weird categories on its pages, not only the general ones – the boring niches that we all know.

The categories page has a menu that allows you to sort the niches in alphabetical order. If you want upskirt, you push on ‘u’. As simple as that! Also, the page holds a tags index, to go deeper and deeper!

What other cool things will I have on this tube called Motherless.com?

Everything can be considered cool on this site! Except for the design, of course! God, the template looks like it was done by some kid in his basement, like 15 years ago. They really should fucking do something about it! To answer your question, go once again on the main menu – you see the page called Gallery? Click there! More amateur chicks for you, to access!

Damn it, all sorts of pics around here! They say that you will get new girls with new fetishes on a regular basis! Why not, that’s possible! When we think of how big Motherless is, it would be no surprise to see like 10 new nextdoor girls per day!

Enough with the regular people! How’s the premium XXX content?

It’s like on any other porn tube! You will get all sorts of paid scenes and all sorts of pornstars! I don’t see a filter option that allows you to go with HD content or with premium goodies only. Maybe there is and I haven’t discovered it, I don’t know. Motherless is oriented to homemade adult entertainment, even if it has some professional posts on its pages.

You know what you can do, when you want to take a break from all the porno fun? You can see the main menu (again) and you can push on the buttons that says Classifieds! Curious?! You got to know what’s in there, don’t you?

Hmm! Why you tease me, FapDude? Classifieds? Like porn ads from people?!

Porn ads from people! Correct! It’s a sort of a dating place! People can place classifieds where they can try to sell their bike or they want to get a good fuck! The section has different areas – all, personals, services, selling and buying. Imagine, of course, that no one wants to sell his bike, for fuck sake! Chicks are selling porn content, like exclusive photo sets or exclusive videos.

What you need is the Personals Area! That’s where people try to get hookups! And they are funny as fuck, especially when most of them don’t even know how to write! Let me give you some examples, hahaha! “goodlooking. best f**k u’ll ever have. no deceases, 100% clean and healthy (and so are you). Give a shout for further details. can only choose one group of ages that im looking for, but if you’re 55 and u wanna be nasty, come right in… and with that said, I dont really care if u’re 18 or 48…send PM for pics/movs that’ll make u drewl”. And here comes another one – “I looking for many things. but I seek someone who will not judge me in any way. I looking for a chat online friend. via a app of my choices . It all starts online & goes from here . I in Australia . so make sure you can handle the time difference. I seek every day chat . NOT when you want too .happy to chat about anything . I am NOT LOOKING FOR A REAL RELATIONSHIP OF ANY KIND. ONLY a need relationship. age I seek is from 25 plus”. I swear on my life that I haven’t changed a single word and I haven’t changed the punctuation. What you see is what they posted in Personals. Motherless is one hell of a site! Visit it, man!

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