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JerkMate Review



Review Pros

  • Tons of hot models
  • Private masturbation rooms
  • Simple account creation
  • Live chat helper

Review Cons

  • Amateurish interface design


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Mate, of course I jerk off sometimes! Why do you ask? Do you have some sexy girls for me?

I’m not going to talk much here, but If you are into fetish stuff, call me and I will give you the name of the best babes.

The site is a bit confusing when you get in. You won’t know what’s going on or what type of platform you’re going to get. They will ask you right away if you’re looking for women or something else. I hope to God that you’re looking for women, because in here we deal with straight porn. They will continue with asking you the age, what type of ladies you like, whatever. Something is not right! The guy who wrote the texts on JerkMate doesn’t know English. Some phrases make no sense, but fuck it! We are here for hot ladies, not for grammar! So, I was saying that you can come here to fap! Why do I keep on saying this? Because you won’t fap alone! It’s a cam2cam site, where the model will masturbate with you. Open the cam and start the work! She will see you, while you see her! It’s not mandatory to show your face, if this is not what you want. Just show half of you, the fapping side!

So it’s a live sex webcam adult site where I can find a masturbating partner?

Yes, exactly! But, I think that it would be suited to start with the girls, now that you understood what type of fun they deliver. The thumbs with the cams that you can see if you access the main menu, is going to give you professional photos with the babes. There are some other big sites that do this.

You cannot know how the girl looks like when she doesn’t have cool make-up on, exquisite decor behind her or a professional photographer making the moment unique. And these pics don’t show nudity. A duo-fapping cam2cam platform, where you’ll meet your partner “in crime” only if you login.

Oh, so I need to register and to login to be able to do anything around here?

Yes! It is important to remember the fact that you will need an account to see the cams. When you try to open the gate to one of the online chicks, the video player will not give you the live sex until you register.

It might sound confusing what I speak here, because the site itself is like that. But, I think that you got it, now! If you will, carefully, read this review, the sky will be clear, the sun will come up and everything is going to be awesome!

Cam2cam masturbation! A new concept, no? But you can do that anywhere else!

Well, I know that it is a new concept, but to be honest, I don’t find it interesting. You are correct, you can have a cam2cam session, masturbating at the same time with the model, on any other live sex site out there. The main idea behind this place is that you won’t jerk off alone, alright! When you want to fap, you come here and the girl will masturbate with you. Yet, how is this different than all the other live sex sites on earth? They all allow you to turn on your cam, for the model to see you. And guess what, when she sees that you have your dick in the hand, WTF is she going to do? Read a book? She will masturbate, if this is what you want. That’s just marketing! A new old concept! They say the same thing, but different!

They brag with the fact that the girl is going to enjoy whatever you enjoy. If you want fetish shit, you will find a cam girl for this, if you are looking for some other type of adult entertainment, the model is going to take care of it. Well, what’s the difference?! Let me repeat – all live sex sites share cam2cam possibilities and all the sluts (sorry, ladies …) are there to do whatever you want. Where is the genuine, whatever, concept? You don’t want to masturbate alone, the girl will masturbate with you. That’s it! What else do you want to know?

Hmmm! Come on, let’s discuss further! They let me sort the girls based on my desires?

When you say the word desires, you make me think that you are gay. Only chicks say the word “desire”. Alright! Let’s see what the main menu says – languages, my favorites, tags / cams live. Before going further, I have to tell you that you can change the language. If English is not your first choice and you have no idea how words work, change it. Then, if you are logged in, you can mark the babes that have gone deep in your heart. Now, now … you wanted to know if you can sort WTF is in there? These are your options …

Teen, dominant, couple (so, you fap with a woman and a man?!), tattoos and many more. Clicking on any of these, you’re going to get the cams listed under that tag. So, if you want to masturbate while a latina masturbates on cam, go ahead and spend your money here. They don’t even say if the shit works with tokens or credits. I might not find this a new concept, but I do find it good if you have a need for more sweethearts on cam. The more models for us, the better! Exclusive models, because – from what I’ve heard, the babes on JerkMate cannot be found anywhere else!

You keep on saying that the site is confusing! At least it looks good as design?

Brother, so so! It is clean, but the fact that you have no idea where to go, what to do, makes everything dark. The confusing part can be annoying. You need 20 minutes to get to the good part. You need to read their long descriptions, which – obviously, have been done for SEO purposes. Yeah, the design is alright! I think that, when you enter, you will get a random cam. You can fap with random chicks, like on Omegle, maybe? I have no clue! Could be! Or not …

Speaking about the design, I like the fact that you can read shit about the model when you go into the room. Everything is there, under the player. This can really help you, because you can find out fast enough if she is the one for you or not. On other live sex sites, you have to go who knows where, to push who knows what button, to get her profile! At least this part of JerkMate is transparent and well put together.

What else is cool here? Ha ha ha, the name sounds like yours – JerkMate = FapDude!

Yeah, they probably made a copy after me! They all want to be like me and they all want to be the FapDude! What else is cool, let’s see … when you are still in the girl’s room, under the player and before the details about her, there are some icons that work as buttons. First one is for the bio. Second one has a chat. That’s where you can have your discussions with the fap model. Tell her that you love her! Mostly likely, you will fall in love right away! Not only because the ladies seem to be hot (at least from what we see in their professional photos), but also because you are a pussy when it comes to cam models and pornstars!

The next icon is for the photos. Clicking there will reveal a catalog. Last, but not least, they prepared the “close matches”. It’s the last section and it has similar models. Since they all have tags, based on these, they can give you more girls that enjoy the same shit. That’s it! That’s all, folks! Time for a cam2cam fap, brother! Enjoy!

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