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Hustler Review



Review Pros

  • Hot pornstars available
  • They own digital magazines
  • Amazing quantities of porn
  • New scenes added every day

Review Cons

  • Hanky Panky is missing 🙂


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Is this that oldies but goldies sexy brand name that we know since forever?

Indeed, it is! Hustler is one of the oldest brand names in the adult entertainment, no doubt! Today, I’m going to give you their premium porn platform. It’s an exquisite site, filled with HD videos, drop dead gorgeous ladies and many more surprises. Might not be the best premium destination in the world, but for sure is a great alternative, when you want to approach something elegant and with style. Hustler was always elegant. And they kept their attitude until today. Every page that you will see around here, will give you glam. And hot porn, of course! Let’s not forget that we are here for the XXX fun!

The homepage will always give you a slider where they post the featured materials. You know what’s really cool? I am not sure how long they will keep this campaign so later on it is possible to not have this anymore, but today, you can exchange your unused popular gift cards with a membership. What type of cards they accept? Ebay, BestBuy, TheHomeDepot, Lowe’s, Walmart and so on (like 100 brands or something like that – there is a page that explains everything in full details). Hmm, interesting! Never seen such thing before! I’ve seen it in mainstream, but never in porn. Go ahead and take advantage of this, while it lasts!

Uh, nice! What else is there on the homepage, FapDude? Pornstars?

I was about to continue explaining what they post on the homepage. I just wanted to give you the info about the gift-cards. So, underneath the slider, they start with the latest updates. Yes, you will have pornstars. Every scene has a starlet and you will know her name right away. They add it under the title.

If you will scroll, you will have their most popular videos. Here you will get Mia Malkova, Alexis Texas, Mia Khalifa, Lana Rhoades. There are some pornstars that can be found on every single premium porn site on the world wide web. Scroll until you reach the footer, to see a full list of their most popular starlets!

I remember that they had an erotic magazine. They still publish it?

Of course, yeah. This is how they started, with a magazine. In fact, they started with a newsletter, named Hustler Newsletter – of course, a cheap advertising for Larry Flint’s strip club businesses at the time, back in the ’70. If you don’t know who this guy is, I’ll tell you: he is the founder. The magazine it’s still on and you can read it on this website. Therefore, the site has some other goodies on it, besides the XXX videos. After you pay your membership, of course.

Getting yourself a ticket to open the gates of Hustler.com, will give you the chance to see their other two magazine, too. First is called Barely Legal and it’s all about 18-19 babes and teens. The other is Taboo. They publish a new issue for each and one of them on a regular basis. I would buy a membership just for the magazines. They’re awesome and I used to read them even when I was a child. And there are so many sexy bitches on their pages, alongside so many nude celebrities. Wanna know how Wikipedia describes what’s in the magazines? “It shows explicit views of the female genitalia, becoming one of the first major US-based magazines to do so”.

Alright, now! Would it be possible to tell me what porn niches they cover?

There’s a lot of diversity here. They cover all possible adult entertainment categories. Brother, we are talking about a huge brand. Of course, they don’t deal with scat and piss, brother. This is not the place to look for that. There are other destinations made for poop. Hustler is for clean fucking, not for scat mess.

Like all the other good and respectable studios out there, is Hustler sharing pics?

If you will access their main menu, they will give you the Photos page. If I’m not wrong, there are 3000 pages filled with HD professional images, divided in genres. These are the same with the categories discussed above. Without the membership, you will only be able to see a thumb of a photo. If you click to enlarge it, you will be taken to the registration page – this is the place where they share the types of subscriptions that you can access.

30 days, 3 month, 12 month – I won’t going to write the prices, because they might change in time, but I will tell you that they make big discounts if you buy longer memberships. You can pay with your credit card, or by check. Oh, wait, I forgot. There is a 3rd method, the one with the unused gift cards. We discussed about it in the beginning of this review. Full membership includes: largest video library on the Internet, new scenes added daily, thousands of top pornstars, live shows, unlimited HD streaming through your web browser, interactive members area – comment and vote on your favorites, exclusive member promos, Hustler – Taboo – Barely Legal magazines since 2008. So you don’t pay for nothing, brother!

Don’t they have a trial memberships? It’s always better to go with that first …

They, do. Hustler has a trial subscription that will cost you 1 single dollars and it gives you access for 2 days. 48 hours are more than enough to see what’s inside, to check the videos, the magazines, to decide if the site is worthy or not. When the trial is done, they will renew it with a monthly access – if this is what you want. If not, cancel and quit them. Forever and ever! Well, I doubt that anyone would want to quit such a platform, after he has been inside. I really do!

You are so correct! I always advise people to go with a trial membership, first! Why spend, when you don’t know if you want to pay the money or not. That one dollar won’t make you poor, so everything will be in order with this option.

I should use my CC to get the trial? Will they say anything about it on my bill?

Never! All premium sites will always put accent on your privacy (and on safety, of course!). They won’t say anything on your bill. Well, an entry must be on it, but that entry will not say Hustler or anything about porn. Nobody will know that you have bought a membership on a sex site.

Most of the members are married, or they have girlfriends. Women are curious and they might wanna see the bills. Some people pay with CCs from work, or with a friend’s card. You are safe! Your secret will stay on Hustler! You should use it, yeah, to get the trial. Hustler is an unique platform, brother and it is hard to be disappointed by it, FFS. We are talking about a giant who knew what nudity is when most of today’s porn websites where not even planned. Listen to me and visit Hustler.com!

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