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GamesOfDesire Review



Review Pros

  • Kinda oldish design
  • Lot of games to choose from
  • Ads can get annoying
  • Nice multiplayer games

Review Cons

  • Some games are shitty


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GamesOfDesire? Something tells me that I’ll get some adult games on this site!

Your instinct works pretty well! Indeed, GamesOfDesire.com is a site filled with XXX games. Unlike other destinations, where you might find adult fun alongside mainstream playing, this portal is all about the porn. Pages after pages! Come on, if you are a true porn gamer and a porn fan, you got to admit that you like what I’m telling you here! It has a retro look, like a long forgotten design, but almost all games portals are using a retro template.

Don’t ask me why! They are, probably, focused on the content only and they don’t want to waste time on building a better design. I advise all webmasters to not forget that the modern era is here! Still, now, don’t think that GamesOfDesire has a bad design and a bad functionality! Not at all! It looks retro and that’s it. If we speak about the functionality, everything is as it should! You can browse on their pages with ease and you will have a great end-user experience! The site works good on both desktop and mobile. If you access it on a handheld device, the homepage will give you games that play well on iOS and on Android. Those for iOS are probably made in HTML, ‘cause flash doesn’t work on Apple products. We discussed about this in a different review.

Yeah, I remember! So, what’s on the homepage, FapDude?

On desktop, the landing page is filled with all sorts of things and all sorts of sections. From their latest updates with mini games (all of them with big descriptions that you can read, to understand better what’s going on in the game and to decide if you want to play it or not) to cartoon games.

But, FapDude, how about the main menu? What’s good for me in there?

In the header, you will have two menus. The first one will give you the possibility to login, to register or to upload games. So, if you want to be closer to this site, go ahead and get your account now as it’s free! On the other side, if you are a developer, you can upload and promote your adult games here on GamesOfDesire. That’s it with the first menu. Near it, they added a search function box that you can use to add your keywords and to make your specific searches.

The second menu has the categories. So, the menu has pages, but instead of regular ones, they added the niches – 3D action, animation, arcade, BDSM, furry, hentai and so many others! Scrolling, you will also find the menu that has numbers. It’s where you can access more pages filled with games!

Do I need an account to play? You said something above about registration!

No, you do not need anything to be able to play the mini flash games. The site is completely free and it will always be! And they don’t want you to register an account to let you play. The registration is needed if you want to leave comments, or if you want to upload your own games. Trust me when I tell you, a lot of people are writing their thoughts in here. You will have a lot of fun reading them.

Portals of this kind don’t need you to support them in any other way than visiting their platform. For this reason, a registration is not mandatory. Since everything is free, is not like they are selling memberships and therefore, why would they need accounts from visitors? You understand what I mean? Come on, this can’t be your first porn gaming portal. Which portal has ever asked you to login? Let me answer: none!

But, if they don’t want anything for me, except for my visit, how do they earn?

You wanna ask if they have ads? They do, but their ads will not be in your way! Like they’ll do no harm! The webmasters knew how to arrange them. You will notice some games in the list which are noted with sponsored. If you push there, you will still get a porn game, but you will be taken on a third party website. Everything is elegant and the end-user experience is going to be great.

There are also some banners, here and there, on the platform. They are usually between sections, which means, again, that they will not make your life miserable like it can happen on some other sites. You know that I hate ads and you know that I am the first one that tells them to fuck off when they don’t know where to stop, when it comes to commercials. It’s not the case here. Got it, my dear brother?

How are the actual games, FapDude? Have you played a few games here?

Let me tell you right away – the games are awesome, brother! Tits, butts, all sorts of stories, all sorts of babes alongside all sorts of creatures, entertainment and so much fun! You won’t get bored around here and you will have so many games at your disposal.

If you want me to tell you a few words about the game’s design, it is a mix between modern graphics and funny animations. The first is a digital representation, while the latter is more oriented towards cartoons. So, if you are a fan of any of these, you should visit GamesOfDesire.com. It is a joy for a gamer that loves porn, to be on a site that can mix both.

Can you tell me how often they update their games archive? Is it daily?

Unfortunately, not. They do not show on the site the date of upload, to be able to see how often they update or if they do it on a daily basis. Still, I am confident that the additions are done regularly. I have noticed new games after every visit, when I came back on the site!

Don’t you think that we have discussed enough? It’s time for you to go on GamesOfDesire and to play the games! You should visit it as often as you can, for an entire week. This is how you will find an answer to your question! Goodbye now, see you next time!

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