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Gamcore Review



Review Pros

  • Thousands of hot games
  • No registration needed
  • Games are easy to play
  • Lots of hentai chicks

Review Cons

  • Too many ads
  • Old-school design


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Sex games! Erotic games! Hentai games! Where can I get them?

Why are you yelling? Ask me anything you want, but do it polite. If you’re looking for all of those, than no problem. I’ll give you a fine porn games portal that delivers exactly that! It’s called GamCore.com, it’s all about nasty games and it will make your life better, dude. You see how easy it was for me to deliver what you need? The design is simple, organized and it has a good functionality! Every game posted on this portal has thousands of views, which makes me think that they are very popular!

The homepage is simple, with the latest additions listed. For each game, you will have a printscreen, a title, number of views and a rating. Use these details to choose what sex games you would like to play – if a game has lots of views, well – in theory, it should be good. Scroll enough and you get the menu that allows you to go further on other pages filled with more porn games. Currently, over 100 pages! And don’t forget that there are tens on every page! This site will keep you busy for a long time! Remember that the number is available at the moment of this review! When you will read this, the number could be different. And yeah, they have hentai fun, no worries! Where would a porn games platform be without hentai?

What kind of other XXX games will I find here? Is there a category page?

I haven’t found a regular categories page (you will rarely find this on sites like this), but they do share a list with a lot of tags under which they add the games. Clicking on any, will take you to the games, of course.

You can use this tags page like it would be with categories. It will filter the content and you will find, this way, that specific game you’re looking for.

So basically, they do have categories. Are there any other sorting options?

WTF?! You mock me, like I don’t know what I’m talking about? If they are named tags, they are tags! They would have been categories only when the authors would have named them categories. Logic, no? You learned a few things (from me) and now you’re acting like you’re an expert! That’s awesome, i like to hang out with experts like you.

Yeah, they have some other sorting options, on the homepage and in the main menu. If we start with the page, we have … oh, no, wait! Don’t use the options under the header! Those are links to other sites. Still with games, yeah, but they are ads and they will take you somewhere else. That’s why they added them there. To make you click, thinking that you’ll have filtering buttons. Better see the drop down main menu found in the upper left corner – page Overall! It gives you the sorting features: best games, popular games, top rated games, top favorites. You can also go with the search function box, to find what you want.

Can you share with me examples of games taken from the homepage?

Cunt Wars – this game is a standalone game, made by a famous studio. They managed to find a way to integrate the game client on their portal and you can play it without having to leave the site. In this game, you will be a fearless warrior (or you have to become one). This will bring you a harem of sex-crazed babes. It’s a turn based game that takes place into a wild universe, fantasy meets erotic. Defeat ugly creatures and collect hentai maidens (you see, you wanted hentai shit …). Those maidens will tell you their most intimate and dirty desires. Create the harem, enjoy the uncensored hentai content, follow the dialogs and the perverted characters that will rock you imagination. I gave you details about Cunt Wars because it is an important game and because it has the hentai things that you wanted. You should see it right away!

Other titles would be: Dreaming of Dana, God of Lust (the screenshot if this game shows two chick sitting one next to each other in the doggystyle position, while a dude fuckes them from behind), Short butt sweet (this game has over 50.000 views), Dark desires (as the name suggests, it’s all about interracial sex – blondes and BBCs), Teen sex games, Booty farm (I told you about this game in some other review), Quckie: A hotel love story, Milky Town and so many others.

What other things do they have in the main menu, on GamCore.com?

Here you can find This Week (you go here to see and to sort the updates of this week by using options like new games, best games, popular games, top rated games, top favorite), Overall (best games, popular games, top rated games, top favorite), Interactive (last commented, last rated games) and Main tags.

I have no idea what’s the difference between best, popular, top whatever. I mean, don’t they show the same thing? Ehh, I don’t know how’s with you, but I rarely use such options, so I don’t really care!

Do people leave comments on those porn games? Can I read them?

Yes, people leave comments and yes, there are a lot of them! Visitors like to share their opinion about what’s here and you can do the same. I think that you will need an username, in order to be able to write the comment. Let me check! Yes, yes. In the main menu, there are buttons for register, for login and for upload.

Do not worry, it is free to sign up and to sign in. You don’t need paid memberships to play the games and you don’t have to take out your wallet. It seems that they earn their income by selling ads. The commercials will not be in your way and they will not ruin your gaming sexperience!

What can I upload here? I’m not a developer, you know!

You’re not, but maybe others are! If they have a good erotic game, they can upload it here. If GamCore considers that it is worthy to be posted, well, you will end up playing it. How cool is that? As a developer, it is great to see that your game is played by people from around the world! Seeing the number of views going higher and higher is a nice feeling!

You know, GamCore.com is one of the best porn game platform and it is for real a good addition in your own personal bookmark’s list! Since it is free to browse, play, register, you should not hesitate to give it a test drive! Bye for now, but come back and let me know which games did you liked!

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