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F95zone.to Review



Review Pros

  • Great adult games available
  • F95zone is non-profit
  • Active community of perverts

Review Cons

  • Registration is required



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Where is the most exciting XXX gaming community on the web?

Good question. I noticed that you are into porn games and that you appreciate portals that can deliver such thing. I can imagine how great it can be, for a gamer, to discover adult games. Is a win-win situation, where you kill 2 rabbits with the same shot! F95Zone.to is not only an exciting place where you can have some good XXX games at your disposal, but it’s also a community filled with like minded people, a mix between game developers and gamers.

Basically, it’s a forum. There are so many things to talk about it. It is important to know that it’s a forum, to not expect a portal, with shiny posters for the game and shiny shit! F95Zone is about the industry of gaming and about playing some really good games. Another important thing would be to remember that the extension of this forum is not .com, but .to. I think that it will redirect you from .com to .to, but even so, know your lesson and go with the main extension, ‘cause they can close all the others at any point in time. If they don’t have the auto renew option enabled and they forget to pay again for the .com domain, they’re fucked.

So it’s a gaming community on a forum, with games and thoughts?

Exactly! Proud to see that I make myself clear and that you understand my words. To be even more precise, I will share with you some boards that you will get right on the main page, when you enter F95Zone.to. I will also tell you how many threads or messages there are under each, just to show you how big is this community!

Games – 5.5K threads and 2.4 million messages! Comics and stills – 1.5K threads and 25.4K messages (so you will have some comics, too, when you are done with a game for the day)! Animations and Loops – 240 threads and 11.1K messages! General discussions – 10K threads and 203K messages! There are some other boards, too, but they are not for you! Those are for the developers. You are here for games and that’s what you will discuss next! When you get bored with all this talking and playing, don’t forget the awesome comics.

Yeah, FapDude! Tell me all about the porn games! Can you?

I already said that we will talk next about the games. Skip the gym and do this workout at home instead – fapping on 3 games in a row! If you can handle this task, I’ll give you a crown that will make you the best fapinator ever! Let’s go on the Games board now, to see what’s there! 5.5K threads and 2.4 million messages! Can you understand these numbers? Can you understand how many games you will have at your disposal? And remember that these numbers are available at the moment of this review. Taking into consideration how active this community is, you can expect new, bigger, numbers in the future!

Great shit, no bullshit! Can you tell me some XXX game titles?

Some titles would be Sperm race, Thank you, Condom Boy!, Date night, Ruin me (this is, probably, the type of game that would make mr. Grey happy!), Monster girl club bifrost, Drink bar maid, Cumming hotel and oh! so many others!

I see 277 pages with games! Besides the overview / description, the developers will give you some infos about the game itself – if censored or not, version: beta or final, language and system requirements. There are games for the PC platform, amongst games for the handheld devices, iOS and Android! As long as it’s not made in flash, it will work just fine on your girlfriend’s iPhone! Yeah, she has the iPhone in the house! You can’t afford one!

Are people leaving comments on the games?

Yes! If you want to make your decisions based on how others speak about the game, you can easily read their comments. The first post in a thread holds the game and all the details, but starting with the second one, you will have the comments. If you find a beta version of a game, play it and try to be amongst the beta testers.

Can you imagine how great it would be for you to play a game, to share your thoughts about it, or to give valuable advises and the developers to take it into consideration? You would be the MAN and you would brag with this shit at the XMAS table to your entire family!

Wait a second, I wanted to ask you something! Should I download the games? Or …?

LOL! ROFL! You always ask me something! Don’t you always have a question for me? Yes, you download the games! I am not sure what’s going on with those that work on mobile, but the adult games for PC must be downloaded.

In the first post of every porn game thread, the developers have added download links where you can go to take it down. If you will stop with the games and you will enter of the site, everything will be revealed. The forum is well put together and it is not hard to understand what goes where, what to do and how to do it!

Question again! Are the XXX game clients free to download or to play?

It seems that the entire forum is free! They don’t ask you for anything, when it comes to money. It is possible for all of these developers to make the games for the passion of it, or they are practicing the coding to prepare themselves for the day when they will put their games on the market. Or, they earn from Patreon. The forum itself is earning from porn ads, that you will see on different places. No worries, they are not in your way and they will not bother you too much!

Still, they don’t ask you for money, but they will ask you to register an account. All forums work like that. You cannot comment or interact with the community as a guest. It is also free to register an username and the process is pretty simple – 2 minutes and you can be on your way.

Patreon, yeah! Forgot about that! Can I reward the developers there?

You can do whatever you want. If you think that a game is good enough and it tickles your boxes, sure, reward the developer. This is how you keep the gaming industry going and this is how you support the porn industry. Everything in this life costs and when a product is shared for free, then you should go with the donations. Some people will ask for it, some will wait for you to make the first step.

I haven’t been on F95Zone long enough to see which developers are on Patreon and which aren’t. First of all, get yourself a nice username on the forum, see what’s going on, find a game that you like, play it and only after see if a donation must happen or not. It’s a long way until then, if we take into consideration that you are still here talking with me and that you have never set foot on the actual forum.

With so many porn games at your disposal (under niches like MILF, teens, blowjob, doggystyle, porn RPG, incest, hentai, so forth and so on), you can be sure that you will have the best gaming experience. I list only the best places and all of them are worthy of your time! Maybe F95Zone, in the end, it’s not your style. No worries, go with other sites that you see on my directory! I am talking here about sites with XXX games, not with premium porn. Alright, mate! This is it! Good luck and see you soon!

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