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E621 Review



Review Pros

  • Incredibly talented artists
  • +2 million furry images
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Danbooru website template

Review Cons

  • Furry related ads


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This domain doesn’t tell me anything! I’m looking for hentai … I’ll have it here?

I can understand what you’re saying! Not only that the domain name doesn’t tell us anything, but you cannot see shit inside, unless you login. This is not good! We can understand that they wanted to build a compact community, who knows. I was just kidding, you know? Yeah, when you end up on the landing page, you will get the search function box and that’s it. If you are in a hurry, you will really think that it is the login box and that you can’t see anything without a registration. It’s not the case here! E621.net will allow you to browse on their pages without putting any kind of effort in it. Don’t ask me from where the name comes, ‘cause I have no idea. All I know is that, if you are looking for hentai, furry and other animated shit like that, you will get plenty of it on the site.

Above the search function, they added a menu – Posts, Comments, Tags, Wiki, Forum. At the end of this menu there are two little arrows. Pushing there, you will open a new, even better, bigger, menu. Everything is at your disposal, a few clicks away. Even the forum can be seen without an account. Sure, the site can be a little bit confusing on your first visit, but after some browsing, all the pages will be revealed and you will know what goes where, so forth and so on.

Animations, hentai, furry, Pokemon, mlp … all here under the same roof?

Damn, you know everything about this type of adult entertainment. I am not a big fan of hentai or everything else related. Sure, I can judge a destination based on my criteria, to find out if it is worthy of an addition on my directory or not, but this doesn’t mean that I like the genre. Yeah, everything is under the same roof! Unfortunately, besides the fact that the site is a little bit confusing, they also share an ugly amateuristic design that will make everything even worse. If you want to start the browsing, push on the page that has the posts. The updates found there, hmm, well … I have no idea if those are the latest. Probably! Most likely! It doesn’t say. You will encounter porn, next to all other types of cartoonish images.

Every post has a little thumb, rating, number of likes, so forth and so on. When you get on the actual post page, things will be even more confusing. You will know what artist made the image (E621.net has user-submitted content – an entire community dedicated to hentai, furry, bla bla bla), the characters within the image, the related materials and so on. You really have to be a true fan to understand what’s going on here!

Is their archive big and diverse? I want hentai shit in abundance!

The archive is not big, it’s massive! You will need a few lifetimes to be able to browse everything that they share. And it seems that they are doing regular updates, like a lot of them. I’ve noticed this somewhere, on some page, around here. All sorts of characters, tentacles, aliens, monsters, creatures, tits, pussies, WTF … I wonder if people fap on this kind of content or they just watch it for the sake of entertainment. So, if you are looking for hentai in abundance, you will get it right away. It’s like the site has no end.

Alright, I have found something that will confirm what I’ve told you above – over 2,000,000 furry porn pics posted on E621. If you can comprehend this number, well … I can’t! Imagine the community behind this project, the size of it, the dedication. And most important, the traffic, the visitors. The people that come here to enjoy the fun that other people upload. When you are done with porn for the day, go ahead and access all the other mainstream drawings. You can see those with your wife. If she’s into the same shit as you are!

What’s going on in the forum section? Can we talk about it, FapDude?

Their forum is not your ordinary type of platform of this kind. It doesn’t have the usual boards. All threads are under the same board, one under another. As you can expect, the thread with new replies, will get the bump in top of the line. The people on the forum are active. Naturally, since the site is so huge all together. The topics discussed here are diverse … some people request images, others want to know who’s the artist that did a particular set, source and so on.

It’s a madness in there! You once again need to browse a few times, to understand what’s going on. Mnah, you didn’t think that you will have a clean forum on a confusing site, didn’t you?

What else do you advise me to access, before browsing the actual content?

I can advise you to access some sections that will help you browse the actual content. How about that? There are pages with tags, comments, pools. They all have ways to show you which materials are good and which aren’t. The pools will gather similar materials under the same gallery. It’s a good way to enjoy the drawings that you like and to access even more of that kind.

We all know that most of the hentai sites are made in a bedroom buy who knows who. Even so, even if they aren’t professional platforms, they can still gather an amazing community that shares absolutely awesome porn drawings. E621.net is one of these places. Some people will consider this place as being amongst the best in the world. What can you do now? Simple! Visit the place a few times to learn its corners, decide if it is good to bookmark or not and that’s it! Easy-does-it solution!E621

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