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ComDotGame Adult Review


ComDotGame Adult

Review Pros

  • Clean layout website
  • Easy to try tons of games
  • High-quality free games
  • Hot hentai sluts

Review Cons

  • Some games are shitty

ComDotGame Adult


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Is ComDotGame a site with adult games that I can play all day long?

Remember that the name of this site is Com, not Cum. I know you will think at some perverted thing. Yeah, the site has games on its pages! Porn games! Flash games! It’s a portal, brother. A place where you can come when you are bored and you want to spend some time while playing a few mini adult games. Still, if you want to fap while you’re playing, that’s your business. This is a great portal and it has a lot of games on its pages. I don’t know, but I love what they did here. In the end, I wouldn’t have posted it on my directory! ‘Cause you know that I post only the good porn stuff!

Alright, let’s talk a little bit about their homepage and what you’ll get when you will visit the site. There is a section, in a square, where they tell you that you can access the featured games, the popular ones and that you can write your comments, if this is what you want. And you will even see the recent comments. What’s here, in the square, is not with actual games, but they will tell you all of the above in words. For the XXX games, you will have to scroll. Again, they offer hottest, bumps, popular, featured, recent, random.

But, if they give you this right away, what the hell do they have in their main menu?

You will laugh, but not only that you will have the possibility to access the same thing, twice, on the homepage, but in their main menu, the webmasters are showing the same thing. Oh, I just noticed something. Alright, alright! The site doesn’t have only adult games. It also shares mainstream playing, like regular games, that have nothing to do with the XXX. In the main menu, a page called Adult is where you need to go! That’s where you have only porn flash games, brother.

I think that people come on this site mostly for that page. If you will read the recent comments, no doubt, you can understand the same thing. Everyone is talking about anal, pussy, orgasms, shirts off and so on. If you want to use the portal for both type of games, be my guest, but I will discuss here only about the adult entertainment side of it. The main menu also has a Forum section, but we will talk about it later on.

Wait! Why later? Let’s discuss here! I love forums! What’s in there?

It’s not a regular forum, if this is what you’re expecting. It’s more like a place where people can ask questions and other people will answer. Some questions (or we can call them threads, I don’t know), can have tens of answers, while others have none. There are no boards or anything else. Just the threads one under another. As details about it, you will see the questions and the number of replies. That’s it, brother!

Let me share with you some examples of threads. Maybe, in this way, you will understand better what I mean. Which is your favorite game on the site?, I want to download some flash games in here, What is an iPhone browser that supports flash?. Yeah, don’t forget that iPhone doesn’t support flash, so you won’t be able to play the games added here. But they work just fine on desktop and Android. There are many other things posted in the forum, like people inviting you to date them, to call their whore wife and other things like that. Funny, he he he!

I have an iPhone! WTF, FapDude! I can’t play anything from ComDotGame?

Unfortunately, not. In theory! Still, some people say that you can circumvent Apple’s rules by using different browsers. For example, Photon Browser! At least, at a point in time, this browser was showing flash. And therefore, you can use it to play the porn flash games. I have an iPhone, too. I would never trade it for an Samsung or whatever other phone, but this doesn’t mean that I agree with everything that Apple does. They don’t agree with Adobe Systems Flash. There are many reasons for which they decided not to use it on iOS.

From what I heard, not only Apple is doing this. Starting 2020, Microsoft, Google and Mozilla will follow. No worries, it doesn’t mean that these flash games will die. Some other technology will take flash’s place and everything will be alright. Dude, I am not a programmer or a security engineer. Enough with this discussion!

Can you give me a few titles of XXX games taken from this site?

Sure, here you go – Kung-fu girl, Anne foreplay, Nice furry blowjob, Easy mom, Lara X Wolf.. The titles are not too explicit and they will not be enough to make a choice, as in to decide what game to play. You will have to also see the thumbs. Those will show you what’s happening in the game. The print-screens can be helpful too.

As you can see, those porn games are diverse. From hentai and anime, to furry, to parodies and so on. I hope that you understood the fact that Lara X Wolf is a game with Lara Croft, from Tomb Raider. You will have to browse the games, you will have to see them one by one to know what they are offering and what’s good or not. There are some sorting options that you will be able to use on the Adult page, to fine tune the results, based on what you’re looking for.

Really? That’s great! Come on, tell me how I can filter the games, FapDude!

First of all, it is important to say that you can go with straight games or gay. Sure, the games, then, will be straight or gay, of course, based on your preference. Still, what you choose, will not affect the search function box. The box is in the header. There, when you add your keyword, you will have to do it like in the following example – anal sex nohomo. This way you will avoid the gay results.

The Adult page has its own main menu and its own sections. The menu gives you the possibility to play the most recent games. And the sections are offering the hottest, bumps, recent again, popular, HTML or random. Use the HTML section, if you are on iPhone. Those games work entirely!

Is there anything else to be said about this site that you haven’t told me?

This sounds like you know that there is something else to be said and you wait for me to talk about it! No, brother! What was important, we discussed already! The site is good! I like it! And if I like it, it means that indeed it is great! Even if there is only a single page with adult games, you will still have a lot of additions at your disposal. We are not talking about 2-3 games, but about hundreds and hundreds.

I am not sure how often they update, since I can’t see the date of upload, but I am sure that they are adding new games on a regular basis. This is important, because it shows that the site is active and that it is focused on giving you more and more fun! You should visit it for a few times, you should browse the games and you should make it your pocket destination for porn gaming fun!

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