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CamsPower Review



Review Pros

  • Top Adult Affiliate Program
  • Generous payout programs
  • Maximize your earnings
  • Unsaturated sex cams sites

Review Cons

  • Dating cross sales



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I’ve spent a lot of money on live sex cams. It’s time to earn from it! Got solutions?

I always have solutions for you! You need an affiliate cam program. And today, it’s your lucky day! ‘Cause I was about to write a review about CamsPower.com! It’s one of the biggest programs out there, if you want to earn in the live sex business! Up to 60% revshare, up to 35% white label, up to 200$ PPS, up to 5$ CPL, up to 10% referral. What do you think about these numbers? They are bigger than what you get on other cam White Labels. They work with a few good live sex webcam sites, called xCams, EveLive, HunkPrivates. You can get a White Label, to earn through their program. But, I have to ask, do you know what a White Label is? Hmm, where would you be without me, mother fucker? I’ll tell you what WL means, no worries …

So, let me give you an example. A fictional example, of course! Let’s take the Lamborghini factory. They sell cars, right? You want to do that too … Lamborghini can help you! How? Simple – they will give you their cars to sell them. And this is not all! The cars won’t be called Lamborghini anymore. They will have the name that you want, that you choose, as a reseller. In other words, you can resell their products under your name. This is what WL means. Getting back to our sheep, you can use their cams on your site and you can call them your own.

Hmm, that’s cool! And what are my benefits if I’ll use their program, FapDude?

Plenty of benefits. Already told you above how much you can earn. The good thing about CamsPower is the fact that their site is explicit. There are programs of this kind where you have to login and to enter within the platform, to see all the infos. CamsPower will show you everything right away. You just need to know where to look and to understand whatever they are telling you there. As you can see, I am here to give you a walkthrough and to help you in your venture. So, let’s get back to your question, shall we?

First of all, you will work with xCams. Some people say that it is the best live cam site in Europe. If jt’s good, it means that you will have a better chance to earn by using their cams on the White Label. Second of all, you don’t have to be a Nobel prize to put together the platform. It will take minutes to be online, if you know your business. They are also offering stats in real time, to see how things work wherever you are. Let’s just hope that you will be in Dubai, spending all that money earned from CamsPower with some models!

What a life! Dubai, ha? Do they also give me tools to work with?

They call this Smart promo tools for better conversion. Or, Powertools. There are so many and they will all help you make your White Label better and better. Banners rotation, text link, popunders, white label editor, API, webcams galleries, iFrame banner, side banners, live feed banners, screen out, model highlight banner, this and that and so much more.

There’s an entire page filled with their tools that you can access without registering an account. And they offer explanations for every each and one of them. It will be easy to learn fast how these tools can help you. As I already said in some other review of an affiliate program, you will have to do your homework. Even if the programs are simple to be used and they help you by giving you guidelines, you still need to know how things work. It’s simple, but not that simple. Without work, you can’t expect to be a billionaire over night, FFS.

What can you tell me about the White Label editor? That’s the most important.

Yeah, as you have seen above, there is a powerful editor. You can design the White Label there, your site. They brag with the fact that they have the most advanced editor. Who knows if it is true or not, but one thing is for sure – their editor is great. So it might not be the most advanced, but who cares, as long as their editor is also great as fuck! You will have control over several customization options, including some SEO tools. You can even go with a Black Label, but that needs some more advanced knowledge, ‘cause you will – basically, build your own site from scratch. The Black Label thing gives you the tools that you need to do so.

Going back to WLs … you can adjust shapes, borders, colors, links and texts. Plenty of ways to make your site look damn awesome! They also offer several niches to work with, based on your traffic and what they expect. You have to twerk it, fine tune, until you get the best results.

Their WL will work on mobile? You know that most traffic comes from there!

How can I not know this, when you know it from me? Heh! You are correct, since nowadays, most traffic comes from handheld devices. So not only from mobiles, but also from tablets and whatever. Yeah, CamsPower is going to give you a WL compatible with all type of gadgets. They even have multilingual interfaces. A language selector is waiting for you. Like 14 languages available at this moment. Those are tier1, of course, so don’t expect Swahili or whatever other obscure language.

What else can I tell you? If you really decided to earn your money from cams, this program can give you all the support that you need to start making money. Go ahead and visit CamsPower to see whatever other things they prepared for their users. My work here is done and now, it’s all up to you!

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