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Beeg Review



Review Pros

  • Amazing mobile version
  • HD and 4K content
  • Useful tags page
  • Suggest Edits Button

Review Cons

  • Too many annoying player ads


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Beeg? What name is this? It doesn’t sound like porn!

It depends how you put it. I have no idea from where the name comes, but, it might not sound like porn, if you take it as it is. If you concentrate, it might mean BIG. Who knows and who cares? Let’s get to some other serious matters! I will begin this review by telling you that I always had a crush on Beeg. It might not be the biggest, or the most popular porn tube in the world, but for sure is one of the biggest and one of the most popular. It really deserves a place here, in my list of best porn tubes and it really deserves a place in your heart. The reason for which I always had a crush on Beeg would be the fact that I find it somehow elegant, or somehow exquisite. Can’t tell you why, though – maybe the simple layout, maybe the simple functionality, I really do not know! And I love the dot after the name! That’s so cool! BEEG.

Their layout, as I said, is simple. They even use this in their motto: “The simplest.”. Of course, the motto will also end with a dot! ‘Cause this people know what they are talking about and what they want from this life. Even if we are here to enjoy a FREE porn tube, Beeg.com looks like a damn premium porn website. All those HD thumbnails, all those drop dead gorgeous pornstars or amateurs or whatever they are, in the thumbs!

Wait! Come back! I watch porn on my iPhone! How is Beeg on mobile?

I like you, my friend! You are a man of science, as I see! First of all, congrats for your iPhone! Is it your first? Your mother bought it for you? I hope that you are at least 18, ‘cause the FapDude does not allow anyone who’s under 18 on his pages! FapDude good guy when you are an adult and FapDude bad guy when you aren’t! Second of all (and I wasn’t kidding), I like you for the fact that you want to know how’s a porn site on mobile! More of you should ask this, since most of the traffic comes from handheld devices. Back to the subject (and not to the future), Beeg.com is not a book on Google that doesn’t sit right on the page in order to give you the feeling that you’re reading an actual book when you’re on the tablet. Beeg is a professional porn tube that sits great on a mobile layout. Your sister sits the same on Brazzers mobile, you know?

The updates from the homepage are arranged great on your iPhone (or Android device) and the thumbnails look even better than on the desktop version. I think that we are talking about a better mobile design than the classic one. If you click on a thumb without releasing the push, for a while, when you will release it, the trailer of the scene will start its motion. And if you will scroll to the footer, after so many updates, you will have the menu that allows you to go further and further on other pages.

And how is the video player on mobile? Do I have a mute button?

The video player works like a charm! It loads fast and yes, it will give you a mute button, but only after you push play, unfortunately! You can bypass this problem if you mute your phone’s media volume or if you go very fast, to the button, after you hit play.

When you are on the page that holds the player, underneath it, you will have the latest updates, too, just like on the homepage. For example, if you will choose to see the 4th video, underneath the player, you will have the updates list starting with the 5th. How great is this shit? Some new things to enjoy, unlike on other tubes, where everything is the same since 27 years ago or whatever.

What porn do they offer, FapDude? Do they have diversity?

The tags page that they offer to be accessed by visitors, will speak a thousand words about diversity: 18-21 yo, abuse, airplane, amateur, premium porn. Yeah, don’t forget that Beeg.com has so much studio-made porn on its pages. In fact, to give you some more precise infos, I’ll tell you that this site is dealing with so much FREE premium sex videos, that they even built a special page where they added the channels from where they add the materials. I know what you’re thinking! You want examples …

We Are Hairy, Wow Girls, GF Revenge, My Friend’s Hot Mom, Dare Dorm, Penthouse and so many other porn studios from around the world. Yeah, Beeg is Big.

Free premium porn! This includes pornstars! What’s their names?

Dear God, you are obsessed with starlets! You always want to know the names of the pornstars that can be found on a tube! Be careful, one of these days you will (for real) fall in love with one of these sweethearts! And that’s the end of your life as you know it! But until then, I’ll tell you the names of the pornstars that can be found here: Adriana Chechik, Gina Valentina, Riley Reid, India Summer and so many other famous names. When you will go on the People page, to see the full list of names, you will also see the number of videos added under each pornstar and you will able to follow her.

It is absolutely free to surf on Beeg, to see its porn videos, to do anything you might want. But, to follow a channel or a pornstar, you will have to register an account. It makes sense to do this, since the site can’t remember your desires when you close the site, without a login. It is also free to register and it will only take a couple of seconds!

So what are these pornstars doing in the XXX videos shared here?

Do you still want the pornstars?! How come you don’t like amateur real homemade porn? Everybody wants that! Everyone wants horny girlfriends, cuckold housewives, cheating housewives, babes gone wild, blowjob under the shower and other things like that! Or yeah, I can understand pornstars if you want them to be barely legal 18-19 years old teens! But you love of of them! Any type: young, old, MILF, mature, granny, big ass, small ass, shaved pussy, famous or new, vintage or latest year, ALL OF THEM!

What can they do in the sex vids? They suck and they fuck and they suck again, for the cumshots in their mouth. They go with the doggystyle position, they how with the (reversed) cowgirl position, the missionary position and all the other kamasutra sex ultra mega styles! These starlets love a nice facial and a great creampie! They got like tons of cum in those pussies and they love that!

Will I enjoy many HD and 4K free premium porn videos on Beeg?

I’m not sure what’s going on, but this tube kinda looks like it has only HD and 4K content. I’m positive that this is not the case, but since they do have so much crystal clear porn, you can’t notice anymore those that are 480p or whatever. Or maybe they know how to choose a great looking thumbnail. I don’t want to make lobby for Beeg, but I love this place. Everything about it is great!

I’ll be honest with you! I fapped like 4 or 5 times in here, since we are having this conversation. Couldn’t help it! When I was on the site trying to find answers to your questions – fap! Again on the site – fap!

A conclusion before I go and see with my own eyes this Beeg site?

What conclusion do you need? This entire porn review is a conclusion. I did my best to explain to you what’s going on here!

Beeg can easily become your favorite porn tube. As I said, it isn’t the biggest and it isn’t the most popular, but for sure it is one of the biggest and one of the most popular porn tubes on the Internet. That’s why you need to see it, to use it and to bookmark it! Then come back here and post a comment in this review if you liked it.

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Did you check Beeg’s tag menu option yet? They have a very complex tags database.

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