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BaDoinkVR Review



Review Pros

  • New releases every week
  • Stream / download VR videos!
  • Virtual theater mode
  • Sexy exclusive porn models

Review Cons

  • Limited trial is very limited
  • Can’t save favorites
  • No VR bonuses



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I want more VR porn sites! What other good places do you know?

I know everything, you should know that by now! Including good VR sites! You think I know like one destination and that’s it? I am the FapDude, the God of porn, brother! Do you want an awesome virtual reality XXX platform? I’m going to give you one called BadoInkVR.com – it’s premium and will rock your headset. Speaking of that, the VR porn scenes available here will work with with any type of device, so no matter what your brand is, you can use it to watch HD, 4K and even 5K videos. The design of BadoInkVR is pretty nice and the place looks professional. Let me tell you some prizes won by this site, to understand with who you’re talking to – AVN Awards – VR site of the year 2018, Pornhub – Most popular VR channel 2018, XBIZ – VR site of the year 2018.

The homepage has a slider where they run featured content. Scroll for the latest videos. Go further to meet some of the models featured in those virtual reality clips. Some of them are very popular these days. I won’t tell you which they are! You will have to discover them on your own. Last, but not least, there’s the menu! Use it to investigate in depth what they have on the platform.

Why don’t you tell me what’s in the menu to get this over with?

Simple! Videos, girls, exclusive models. Give me a few moments to see what’s the story with these exclusive girls. I have to take a look at that page. Be right back! … Alright, so, the models that you have on this page are doing VR only for BadoInkVR. That’s why they are exclusive! At least in 2020! What happened next, they don’t say. They are 3 and you know them. Again, visit this page to know who’s in this trio of bad-girls!

When you are done, proceed with the full index of girls. You will know how many virtual reality XXX clips have been made by every each and one of the models. You can sort them alphabetically or you can proceed with the newest. That’s it with the index. Now, what do they have on the videos section? Obviously, as you can expect, they share the latest updates. The site is very active and you will get a lot of new updates, on a regular basis, of course.

Will I get anything for free, to try out the content? Previews, trailers?

When it comes to previews or trailers, the answer is simple – NO! If we are talking about previews of the actual scene! If you want other types of clips, like those behind the scene, yeah, the site will show them for free! Still, every video will give you a poster (which shows you the girl featured in the scene), a title and a lots of photos taken out of the video. They are accessible for free, too and you can enlarge them. This will give you a good idea about how the actual content is.

There are like tens of pics added for every scene, so, if you are a porn collector, you might find some good shit for your sexy collection. As you can imagine, everything is in HD, if not 4K. There’s nothing else on the site, in free mode. Use all of the above to make your choices and to decide if BadoInkVR.com will be good for your headset or not. Still, I’m pretty sure that you will be impressed with this platform. VR adult entertainment doesn’t grow on trees, which means that you should take advantage of all the related Virtual Reality sites listed below, as much as possible!

Can you share with me a few benefits of being a member here?

First of all (and most important, of course), there’s the content, which is very exquisite and exclusive! And eccentric, of course! Besides this, you will have the following advantages – 3 new releases every week (2 full VR porn videos + 1 free bonus scene), high-quality videos compatible with your smartphone and all VR devices, exclusive models, bla bla bla. Brother, you can try the place for a month! If you consider that it is not what you’re looking for, cancel the subscription. You can do that at any point in time, with no extra charge or hidden fees.

If I’m not mistaken, on BadoInkVR you can get one single membership for a lifetime. Isn’t this great? It’s like a secret society where, if you get in, you can never get out! How exciting!

That’s it?! There must be something else you can tell me about BadoInkVR, right?

I was about to tell you to visit the place, if you want. There are more goodies waiting for you! You just have to discover them! Like the fact that you can ask the pornstars whatever you want – there are some Q&A sessions called Ask me anything. The videos are in 5K, 60fps, 3D, 180° & 360°, binaural sound. If you are in US, they can give you a free headset, if you don’t have one – Cardboard VR goggles. Come on, who does that? Who’s giving you a free headset, even if it’s cardboard? If a million people request one, they’ll ship a million headsets! This costs money! And with places like BadoInkVR, the notion of millions of visitors is not something out of the ordinary!

Shall I continue with the good things that are waiting for you, here, to be discovered? There’s a forum, by the way, if you want to be an active member of the community. And there’s a network behind this site, which means that you will have more porn destinations at your disposal, for the price of one. Like over 10K adult clips, all together, on the network! Nice archive, ha?

BadoInkVR.com is one of the champions, when it comes to the VR genre. Hot content, hot pornstars, hot benefits, cheap prices and an entire network to be accessed after you get your membership. I don’t know, but if I were you, I would for sure visit this site, right now!

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