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AshleyMadison Review



Review Pros

  • Nice clean design
  • Cheaters online paradise
  • Fuck sexy married wives
  • A very active community

Review Cons

  • Site’s credits are not cheap
  • You might get caught


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Who is this Ashley Madison? Is she a pornstar or something?

Well, it is not a she, but an ‘it’. AshleyMadison is a dating website. And there is no pornstar behind it. The name comes from two popular names in North America. They put it together and now we have AshleyMadison.com, one of the biggest dating platforms on the planet. You wanna know their motto? Life is short. Have an affair! This place is for married people (not only, of course) that are looking to cheat on their partners. In fact, this is the main thing that you will hear on the Internet, when it comes to AshleyMadison. Well, it’s up to you – if you are married and you wanna hookup with someone else, be my guess. I’m not going to judge you and I’m not going to tell you! Your life is your business! I have learned in this business to keep my mouth shut and to mind my own business!

Alright, going back to our dating site. They are eccentric and they like fancy templates, glam, so forth and so on. When you will visit them, the design will hit you. Without an account, you cannot go in. Yet, this is not something unique for AshleyMadison. Have you seen any dating place where you can be on the network without an account? I haven’t! And I’ve seen them all.

Sure, but … if I cheat on my wife, will they offer me discretion?

There are many features here that will give you the discretion that you need. First of all, there are some premium aspects on the network that you can approach with real money. To do so, you will need to use the credit card. When you will get the bill, they won’t write anything on it that might get you a divorce. You know what the members of AshleyMadison say? Monogamy is not in our DNA.

Also, they had an attack in 2015 and since then, they did their best to deliver a safe, secured product. They have been online since 2001 and this means a long time. Imagine that they learned a thing or two about discretion in this period of time!

What kind of babes will I find on AshleyMadison? And are they up for sex only?

Since the site’s main objective is to encourage people to cheat and to give them suitable partners, well, what kind of babes will you find? Married ones! And are they up for sex!? You can bet your life! Nobody wants romances! They all want to fuck and to go home to their families. There are single ladies, too. Don’t get me wrong, the network is oriented to babes that are in a relationship, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t get single ones. Those single come here for married men, I guess. I don’t know! Life has shown that girls have a passion for men with wives at home, so, if we take this into consideration, things are pretty clear. Right?

You will have chicks from all over the world, of all ages. Including girls from your area. You don’t have to make 1000 km for a date. These sites show us that woman are as obsessed with sex as we are, but they just don’t want to admit it. And they don’t speak about it! Ever! And if you will talk, they will deny! I’ve read somewhere that most girls are between 25 and 34 years old. Well, this is the age of adventures.

If I sign up, will they ask me personal things? Am I safe to do so?

What do you mean when you say personal? The most personal info that they will ask you, will be the email address. Other than that, nothing else personal will be required. You will make the registration with an username and not with your real name. They have millions and millions of members, which means that most usernames are already taken. Think well before choosing your nickname.

The registration process will take like 30 seconds and it is absolutely free. Even if they sell premium features, they won’t ask you anything about the payment methods when you register. Only live sex cam sites will do so. When you will decide to buy something on AshleyMadison.com, only then they will ask your credit card info. You will have to provide your relationship status. As explained above, this is a big topic in here. Some of the details from within the registration process, will be added on your profile. You will also have to choose a profile picture! Remember, choose your best photo. The profile image will give you pussy! Or not!

How do I get into contact with the other members? What do I do?

You pay. You don’t like my answer? Women can make connections for free, but men must pay. They have to buy credits which will be spent by doing different actions. There is, amongst others, a chat feature that members can use to interact one with another. You know what’s free? You can make a list of favorites. And this doesn’t cost anything. When I say favorites, I mean chicks that you want to fuck, of course. Send them winks, brother. Let them know that you are interested. Winks are also free, so do it without hesitation.
You want to send gifts? Take out your wallet. Virtual gifts cost money. Every gift that you want to send has its prices in credits. This is the currency here – credits! AshleyMadison, like all the other big dating platforms, must earn somehow. And they are doing this when they are selling the premium features. And people buy them! Simply because this place is so amazing and it will give you so much wet pussy!

FapDude, can you give me some details about the profiles?

I will begin by telling you that you will have some exquisite features which can help you maintain your discretion with photos or other media, on your profile. A great thing on AshleyMadison would be the fact that everyone can see and can access profiles, without a credit card. You would be surprised to know how many dating sites will ask you money to allow you to see profiles from the network. Since this place is for people that want to cheat, the profiles will not contain as many details as you might expect. This is another thing that can be used as a proof for the fact that people come here for sex. No discussions, just sex!

If you decide to blur your image, you can also decide who will be able to see them clearly. That person will get a key from you!

They developed a good mobile version or an app for this sexy network?

There is a cool app available on both iOS and Android. It works perfectly and it will give you all their features, free or premium. Use the app if you are single. If you are in a relationship, I don’t advise you to download the app. Your girlfriend or your wife mind find it and that’s the moment when you’re fucked.

To be safe, use your mobile, but access the site via the browser. Use incognito mode and when you are done, simply close the tab. No one will know where you have been and what you have done. Your relationship will be safe! Thanks to me!

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