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Adultism Review



Review Pros

  • Tons of real amateur porn
  • Adultism is free to use
  • Active community of perverts
  • Covers all sexual orientations

Review Cons

  • Too many MILFS
  • Ads can get annoying


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Heh, cool domain name – adultism.com! What type of adult content do I get?

That special sweet type of XXX content that we all love! Adultism.com is one of websites you need to visit if you love the homemade content! You don’t come here for premium XXX, because you ain’t gonna find it! You come here for teens with big tits, blondes with long legs, horny college girls and more! What’s that category of porn which has all of the above? Amateur niche, of course! The site is awesome, because it will give you some genuine real porn videos that cannot be found anywhere else.

The homepage has the latest updates! All good and nice, until you see a dick! Yeah, the content is mixed! And I see no option to choose your orientation. Well, nobody wants to see a dick! There’s nothing we can do about it, so we have to get used with the idea, when we visit adultism.com. As I already told you, the homepage has the recent posts, but you can change to see most popular videos. It looks like there is a big and dedicated community behind this site, which is active 24/7 on the platform. This is a good thing, because it involves fresh content on a daily basis.

Let’s start by talking about the main menu, shall we? I’m ready to proceed!

There aren’t many buttons on Adultism. This site doesn’t have fancy features. Not even a fancy design. The template is pretty much normal and the features are basic. Maybe they think that all you need is the actual porn! And I agree with them! Posts, People, Hall of Fame, Categories, Archive and that’s it. There’s also a search function box where you can go to find your specific porn, but we cannot consider this as part of the main menu. It’s a standalone feature, without any doubt.

I should tell you about their widget, too. If we can call it a widget. It’s in your right! It has some numbers, for the currently online members and for the guests. As I said, there is an active community and the numbers will clearly show you that there are hundreds and hundreds of people live, every single moment of the day. The widget is also showing the Latest profiles with photos. If you want, you can find a member by nickname. There is a second search box for this.

Are you trying to tell me that most of the content here is user-submitted?

Of course, yeah! What else do you think that the community is up to, on this site? They like to share their sextapes. I’ve seen couples on Adultism which are uploading regular content made in their bedroom. Good for you that everything is free! To be honest, seeing the quality of this amateur sex shared on the site, I can say that the content should have been premium. Like for real!

You can browse the profiles, you can engage with the chicks or with the couples. They allow you to do it for free! When you click on a profile, you see a bigger version of the thumb (some hot girls around here), you see some details like sex, orientation, age, location, last login, date of registration and you also see what updates that member has done. Oh, almost forgot! On the profile, all members have written a description (something that describes them).

Really, man? Are there hot chicks on Adultism.com?

If you don’t believe me, visit them. The People page has even more shit regarding the community. Choose to browse all users, or only those that are online. You see the difference? The widget is telling you how many members are on, while this page is giving you the possibility to see who’s available at that moment.

The page has 2 sorting filters. The first one allows you to see members from all over the world or from your country! Why do you act so surprised? The site has a script which recognizes your IP. Based on that, they can find out your country. Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing strange, all sites in the world know your IP when you visit them. The second filter will let you go with males, females, couples. I do hope, from the bottom of my heart, that you will choose females or couples, only!

What’s on the Hall of Fame page? I’m curious to know since you’ve told me about it!

How come you aren’t curious to know if there is a pornstar index on the site? It would be hilarious to ask such a thing, when we have a site that deals only with homemade XXX and with genuine amateurs. It’s no surprise for me that you are curious! It’s in your nature! Like it’s in your nature to be lazy! I haven’t been on that page, but I will open it now for you!

Obviously, in the Hall of Fame gallery, you will have the chance to see the best posts! The order is based on the number of likes, comments, favorites and other engagements. Well, what I see is correct! How else can they make up the top, if not by using these infos? You can read the rules, in the widget, when you open the page! Amateur content and a powerful active community – this is Adultism.com!

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