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3movs Review



Review Pros

  • Lots of video content
  • Detailed pornstars database
  • Easy to download videos
  • Nice screenshots system

Review Cons

  • Some annoying ads
  • Most videos are very short
  • Old looking design


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3movs.com! Isn’t this a porn tube that delivers only free premium porn?

No amateur content, yeah! 3movs is like a premium porn site where you can come to enjoy everything that they have, for free. Let’s talk about sex! Top-notch sex with some amazing pornstars – they even have a page for them, but we will talk later on about it. It doesn’t share a fancy template, but this doesn’t mean anything. Why? Because most of tubes don’t give a shit about design. As simple as that. They focus on the user-submitted content and they focus to deliver it to the end-user. Don’t understand from this that a bad design has a bad functionality. It can happen, but it’s not the case here. 3movs.com has everything arranged as it should and you will have no issues while surfing on it.

The first page has, as first section, Today’s featured porn videos. It’s based, probably, on ratings or it is a sort of editor’s choice. Who knows! The updates found there are pretty good and the HD thumbs will wink:wink at you. If you scroll, you will get buttons with numbers, which can give you the possibility to go with more and more featured clips. Scroll even further for recommended content. Oh, no, wait. Don’t be fooled by this section. It’s filled with ads! If you push, you will be taken to external destinations.

Alright, I understand. What should I do next? Where should I go on 3movs?

Try the category page. It’s in the drop down menu. The main menu – that’s where you have all the important pages. And when you will be on the categories page, you will notice one thing: there’s no amateur niche. As I said above, 3movs works with premium porn, only! Premium means paid adult entertainment made by famous studios from around the world. The good thing is that you can access it for free, on this site. You don’t have to spend anything to enjoy the good classy XXX.

Going back to the categories, this is what they prepared for you – anal, asian, ass, big tits, blowjob, cumshot, ebony, group, hardcore, interracial, latin, lesbian, MILF, outdoor, POV, small tits, softcore, teen, tit fucking, toys. There are some others. As you can see, you will have all the popular categories. For every each and one of them, you will know how many videos have been added underneath it. Relax, they have so much content! We are talking about thousands on every niche.

Since they offer premium porn, do they have a pornstars index to visit?

In fact, they do. It’s still in the main menu and you can go there to access the starlets that make you horny. You have the opportunity to sort them by name, rating, views, videos, videos rating, videos views, subscribers. I have went with those by rating, to see who’s their most fabulous models.

Curious to know them? Sure, here they are – Angela White, Lena Paul, Kendra Lust, Sensual Jane (I fucking love this chick – awesome big natural titties, long legs, big ass, whore-ish sexy face), Kylie Page, Tana Lea and many others. I say others, because there is a menu that gives you more pages with lots of pornstars. Everyone is here! Famous or not, all sexy, they are here! You will know how many videos they prepared with a starlet. Clicking on them, you will get the clips. Simple, clean, fast! It is a good way to filter the content based on your preferences! And I know that you’re fucking obsessed with these babes! You would leave your wife and your kids in the blink of an eye for one of them! Just for a night with them, not a lifetime!

Do they have a community on the site? Can you interact with the members?

How did you knew? Yes, there is a community, but I’m not sure how it works. There is a page called, d’ooooh, community, that gives you access to some 70k members. Some details about them like age, when they joined, gender, relationship status, orientation, city, favorite category, interests, favorite movies, favorite music, favorite books. I don’t really understand why they ask you such details, when you register your profiles. These are good on a dating platform, not on a tube. And there is nothing around here which can tell me that people can interact one with another like on a dating site. I don’t know and I’m not going to waste my precious time to resolve the mystery.

What I can tell you for a fact, is the following: every member can choose his favorite porn videos and you can see which are those. Therefore, if you want to fap on clips selected by others, here’s your fucking chance, brother! As I said in some other reviews, it’s always kinky to see what others consider to be hot. You will also know how many clips a member has seen. Spot those that are obsessed with porn, haha! If you want to also know when the user was last seen online, you can do that, too!

What don’t you like at all on 3movs.com? Is there any bad side in here?

Of course there is! And this always annoys me like fuck! The mother fucking ads! This is what I hate. You click and you are sent to a different tab, ‘cause they open the damn ad on the first tab, you click and you open ads in the corners, popups, or however the fuck they’re called.

Yes, everybody has to earn. This it is a good option for them to earn from ads! Yes, especially when they are a free porn tube. But this doesn’t mean that you can kill the user-experience with them! Many ads ruin everything. Add a few, arrange them correctly, don’t let them be in visitor’s way! He will leave and he will never come back! This is what I don’t like! This is a bad side! For now, I don’t see any other! This is not my church! This is not where I heal my hurts! Not with so many ads around me!

What do I get if I go on the video player page? What’s cool there?

First of all, there’s a cool player. You can mute the porn before hitting play and this will help you a lot, if you are not home alone or if you access 3movs.com from work. Underneath the player, the site has sections for description, tags, categories and pornstars. Yeah, you don’t have to surf the web to ask around who’s the babe in some video.

This site will tell you right away and if she’s hot for you, don’t hesitate to click on the name. This will reveal more additions with the girl and you can fap old day long.

Is there a section with related content? And do they have previews on thumbs?

Related videos are not absent and God – they know how to fuck pick their thumbs. All of them are so fucking hot. The tits, the pussy, the long legs, all babes with a cock in their mouth. It’s not easy to be on this site! You’ll get an erection per minute. And since they are doing regular updates, your fucking dick will die from all that fapping!

Unfortunately, not! I am on mobile now and when I request the desktop version, nothing happens. I can’t know for sure how’s on the desktop, but on mobile, they share no previews when you fucking push on a thumb. What can we do … You won’t skip this site because of some previews! Open the videos, browse them and away you go! 3movs.com doesn’t have fancy options, but it has fancy premium porn that you can access for free! What more do you want, brother! Shut the fuck up and visit it!

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