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Reality Kings Discount

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About Reality Kings

It’s funny to see a premium porn site which deals only with studio-made content, called RealityKings. The word reality makes us think of something that can really happen, in .. you, know, in reality. I kinda doubt that what we see on this site can ever happen in real world. Anyway, let’s get back to the things that are important for us! RealityKings is one of the best, one of the biggest, one of the greatest premium platforms out there, when it comes to HD and 4K porn and when it comes to some of the hottest starlets money can buy. I used this expression, because you have to buy your way in, you need to purchase a membership. That’s why we are having this discussion, right now. I am about to tell you a few details about the site itself and after, I’m gonna to give you the prices, the best options and the payment methods. But, let’s take them step by step …

What you’ll get?

The archive! It’s big. Simply because RealityKings is very old. It’s in the biz since forever and they had plenty of years to gather in impressive collection of top-notch porn. It’s hard to say, right from the beginning, if they also have XXX pictures, alongside the videos, since they don’t say anything about it in free mode. At least not if you surf the platform on your mobile. And it is important to have all the details on the mobile version, because the most traffic, nowadays, comes from handheld devices. Still, a site like Reality Kings will always give you all the goodies that you need in your life and for this reason, expect the porn photos, even if they don’t speak anything about it right away. They have them, somewhere on the site, after you purchase the subscription and you get in. There’s also a pornstars index where you can go to find your soulmate. Good thing that you can access it from the beginning, in free mode. You can learn what you get, before you pay.


If RealityKings deals with exclusive content? I don’t really know. While I have the needed info regarding other premium sites, as in, if their content is exclusive or not, when it comes to RealityKings, nothing tells me this or the other. My guess is that the content is exclusive. They are part of a network and all sites from within this network has its own content, different for each and most likely, exclusive. If you pay a subscription here, you get all sites and their archive of unseen anywhere else porn materials. Good deal, if you ask me! It’s always good to have the opportunity to pay for one product and to get more.

What i don’t like

The downside of RealityKings is the same with the downside of almost all the other premium sites – the XXX looks more and more artificial. These pornstars have implants everywhere – tits, asses, teeth. They moan like there is no tomorrow, clearly fake and the story-line, come on. They know each other for 3 minutes and they fuck in the parking lot. That’s why I said that the notion of reality doesn’t get along with the porn found here. This shit never happens in reality. Another downside would be the fact that you get even less things in free mode, than you get on other premium sites. I never understood this – you want me to give you money, to buy your product, but you don’t give me details about it. How am I supposed to buy if I don’t know what I’m buying? Sure, Reality Kings is a huge brand and it is enough for some of you. You will make a purchase based on that, because you know who they are. It’s like when you buy from Apple. But how about people that have no clue who RealityKings is? People that surf the web to get premium porn and it is the first time in their life doing so! How’s for them?

Discount Price Details

Alright, now! Let’s get to the main subject of this discussion – prices and payment methods. When it comes to prices, they are not cheap, yet they are not expensive. Pretty much the same prices as everywhere else. You will have 4 options at your disposal. First, you can get the trial membership: 2 days for $1 / day. Do the math! If you want a full month, it’s going to cost you $29.99. 3 months means $59.99 and as you can see, you will pay less per month with it – $19.99. Last, but not least, the option which brings you 12 months costs $119.99 and it is the cheapest per month – $9.99. You can make the purchase via credit card, PayPal or cryptocurrency. Remember that, if you don’t cancel the subscription, it will rebill itself in auto mode, when the period of time is over. And there’s nothing you can do about it, once the subscription is rebilled.


RealityKings fights to be the best industry. It isn’t the best and it will be a bit hard to ever be. There are some names above it which are literally crushing entire competition. Still, they are amongst the best, without any doubt. And they will, probably, always be. Powerful enough to hold a spot amongst the greatest. It’s a good alternative, to buy a membership here, instead of buying it on one of the other places from the top. As you can see, if you choose a bigger membership, you pay less, which is good. You want my advise? Proceed with the trial membership and when that is over, decide if you want to go further or not. That’s the easiest way to make business in porn. With these being said, I think that it is time to end this discussion. Don’t hesitate to follow my advise right away, brother! FapDude out, now! I’m gonna to take a look at some other premium sites and the deals that they prepared.

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