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Hustler Discount

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Rating 8.8 Excellent
Discount 67

Hustler Membership Includes

  • New Scenes Added Every Day
  • Thousands of The Top Pornstars
  • Unlimited HD Streaming
  • Interactive Members Area
  • Exclusive Member Promos
  • Full Access to 20 Sites
  • Access to Hustler Parodies

About Hustler

Hustler is an oldies, but goldies platform! There is no doubt when it comes to this! We know it since kinder garden. Remember the Hustler magazine? Well, it’s still out there! When you get on Hustler.com, besides all that porn, you can also get the magazine. The online version of it, of course! How cool is this? And some other magazines … consider the site to be part of a network where you can come, you pay once and you get a lot of goodies. I love Hustler! It gives me that state of comfort, like I re-discover the good old days of porn. Yeah, they changed their style over the years, they went full power into porn, when back in the days they were more oriented to the erotic part of the industry, but they are still great! Just great! …

What you’ll get?

If we speak about the content that can be accessed here, let’s just say that you won’t get bored too soon. Besides the videos, they go with photos, they go with the magazines (3 different magazines), they go with a pornstars index and some other great shit like cams, so forth and so on. You will always have something to do around here. The archive is big and they are doing regular updates. I know that you are in love with the starlets, but I won’t give you examples of names. The most popular ones are here, alongside some babes that are new in the biz. Jeez, the wiz with the biz! The index is going to give you sorting options and it will be easy for you to filter them.

Content Quality

Hustler will always have exclusive content. They are a distinct entity and they want to keep things as they are. They don’t go into deals with other sites, to form alliances, networks, to sell more, to lose their identity. Oh no, brother! Hustler knows what integrity is! Sure, they might not be, as a brand, as popular as they used to be and maybe they don’t have the biggest traffic, compared to all the other premium porn sites out there, but they still are a huge player in the biz with the wiz … jeez! I just can’t wait to get to the part where we discuss about the money, the memberships, the prices, just to see how great Hustler is! But I won’t spoil the surprise! Talk to you when we get there! Hmm, don’t try to ruin it! Shut up and let me go further!

What i don’t like

What are the negative aspects about Hustler? I find the site confusing. It’s too … rich! They added so many sections, subsections, things on the homepage, things in the menu. You need to visit it like 2-3 times, until you will understand what goes where. Let me give you an example of a confusing thing – the main menu has, alongside some others, 2 pages called Hustler Cams and Hustler Live. WTF?! They both redirect to live sex webcams. What’s the difference? If there are two different types of cams, why two different types of cams? Never in my life I have seen something like this. I don’t know, but my guess is that one will take you to cams that have free nudity, while the other will take you to something that doesn’t. But can you be so greedy, to have the two cam systems, tokens and credits? It seems that, yeah, you can!

Discount Price Details

Ahaaaaaaa! The money paragraph! We can now discuss about the subscriptions and the payment methods. Alright, alright! I’m so happy! I can tell you, soon, what’s the surprise! So, if you want to be able to open the doors of Hustler, you can proceed with a trial membership that will cost you one single dollar. The trial will give you 48 hours. Enough time for you to see their content, in order to decide if you want to go further with a bigger membership or not! If you do want, these are your options: 1 month, 3 months, a year. The 1 month subscription will cost you $3.99. You heard me right! $3.99 for the entire month! There’s a big sale right now on Hustler, so hurry up to catch it! This price is available for the first month. When the 30 days are over, you will be billed with $29.95. It seems that you cannot make downloads, as long as you take advantage of this offer, but who downloads porn this time and era? The 3 months membership is going to cost you $59.85 ($0.66 / day) and the 12 months will cost you $119.40 ($0.33 / day). These are some of the cheapest prices I have ever seen in my life, in porn. Like very cheap! But here comes the good part! THE SURPRISE ! How can you pay? Credit card, check or … trade unused gift cards for memberships! You can exchange a gift card from Ebay, Guess, Puma, Adidas, Costco, Dell, whatever. There are a lot of brands out there that accept gift cards! Dude, this is awesome and unique, anywhere on the Internet! I don’t know what’s going on or why they come up with such a deal, but it is amazing. Your wife might get on her birthday gift cards from her friends … well, now you know what you can do with the cards. How do you like my surprise? Oh, oh … they even accept cards from the damn Starbucks or Wal-Mart. Just WTF?! Heh …


Hustler needs no presentation. It will always amaze us, it will always make us feel good and it will always give us the hottest chicks in the biz. Go ahead and choose the right membership for you and the right payment method. Don’t forget to enjoy the magazines, besides all those porn videos. The classic magazine is what keeps this heart running, the essence of the brand, the cherry in the pussy! Hustler is an immortal giant. Period!

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