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About Brazzers.com

What can someone say about Brazzers? I mean, it’s Brazzers. It is one of the biggest brands in the world, porn or mainstream. Your grandma heard of it! People have the brand on their cars, even if they’re not a Brazzers affiliate. ‘Cause it’s cool. It’s fancy! The damn Brazzers, ladies and gentlemen! This discussion, here, is not a review! Not at all! We shall talk about the prices, about how much you have to pay, how you can pay, so forth and so on. You understand what I mean!? The discounts, the memberships that will cost you less, shit like that. There is a review on my directory, written for Brazzers, so if you really wanna read such a text, go there. When you come here, on the discounts page, it means that you already know who Brazzers is and you have decided to give it a test drive. Therefore, you check these lines to learn how to get in!

What you’ll get?

Brazzers is old on the market. Very old. Ancient Egyptians used to enjoy it … This means that the site has a huge archive. With all sorts of porn! What I don’t like is the fact that, nowadays, the XXX videos that you can access on Brazzers, are too, hmmm, how to say it, too artificial. Implants in the tits, implants in the ass, botox, tattoos, squirting while, in fact, is peeing, no story-line, bla bla bla. Ah, let’s not forget the fake moaning. If we have fake tits and fake butts, we must have fake moaning, too, right? Well, it seems that porn fans from all over the world are enjoying this new direction in porn – Brazzers gets more and more traffic. The archive has videos, alongside photos. When it comes to the images, they take out pics from within the scenes. High-res images, of course. Wanna know if they have the hottest, most popular, best pornstars, available at this moment, in the porn industry? Without any doubt, yes! The hottest names! Many of the big starlets that we have today, have made their debut on Brazzers. Yeah, the studio discovered so many babes. And still the studio made them world wide known! As you can expect, Brazzers is also part of a network, which means that if you pay for a membership, you get a ticket to open the doors of all other paid premium destinations in the network. One payment, more sites! It’s not something out of the ordinary to have a paid platform which is part of a network, sure. Still, I doubt that many networks can be compared with the one behind Brazzers. Let’s not forget that we are talking about MindGeek (the company that owns the network). They kinda own the entire business and they are doing wonders in the industry.


Yes, you will have the chance to get exclusive content, in here! They even prepare event scenes! Like first anal for who knows what starlet, first dick-in-the-nose for who knows what other pornstar, so forth and so on. Brazzers is a huge studio, they deal with exclusive hanky panky. They don’t borrow porn from other places and to other places! There are original series, created by Brazzers, for Brazzers only. And if I’m not mistaken, they even have exclusive pornstars. As in, girls which are performing for this studio only. But, I might be wrong. Correct me, if I am, I don’t mind!

What I don’t like

I know that some of you wanna know the downsides of a premium site. Well, I already told you what I don’t like when it comes to Brazzers. The fact that the porn looks more and more artificial. But, hey, I am the type that has a thing for the genuine homemade sex and that’s the reason for which I don’t love the artificial part of the studio-made porn. Hmm, what else can be considered negative on Brazzers? Ah, I know. It’s their mobile version. I consider it confusing! That’s it! No more downsides! If you think that these are bad, feel free to check other premium sites.

Discount Price Details

Alright, now! Finally, we are here! Let’s discuss now about the prices, discounts, coupons and the payment methods. What do you think? Shall we!? So, these are the available memberships, at this moment and at the time of this text (no worries, I often update my directory – if anything changes, you will know): trial (2 days with $1 / day), which means $2 in total), 1 month for $32.99, 6 months for $89.99 ($14.99 / month) and 12 months for $119.99 ($9.99 / month). Obviously, the best thing to be done is to go with a bigger membership, ‘cause you pay less / month. Use your credit card! Most people do! If you don’t have one or you simply don’t wanna use it, you can pay via PayPal or you can use cryptocurrency. Don’t worry – if you use the CC, nobody will know that you have paid your way in on a porn site. They don’t write it on your bill. And we all know that your wife is checking the bills. ‘Cause she’s the boss of you!


Well, I’ve seen sites that are more expensive, compared to Brazzers. And they aren’t as good. And they don’t have such a big archive. This means that Brazzers is, by far, one of the best options out there, when it comes to premium sites. Everything is in HD, the image is crystal clear and they are adding more and more content, on a regular basis. It’s hard to lose with them, that’s for sure! If you are lucky enough, maybe you will have the chance to get an event scene, with the first anal in space, or the first blowjob on the Everest. I really doubt that anyone was brave enough to take out his dick on top of the Everest … still, Brazzers is Brazzers – they might put together such a scene, soon. Stick around, brother!

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