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Blacked Discount

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Rating 9.1 Superb
Discount 67

Blacked Membership Includes

  • Popular Porn Stars & Black Cocks
  • 6 Free Updates per month
  • Tablet & Mobile Compatible
  • True 1080p Videos Available
  • Hi-Res Photo Updates

About Blacked.com

Damn! This is the heaven of interracial porn! Or the hell! You know, many people want to go in hell, ‘cause they find it more interesting. So you decide what’s Blacked.com! All I know is that we are about to talk about the biggest premium destination, when it comes to black-on-white sex! These chicks, the pornstars that you are about to see here, they get their pussies destroyed on a regular basis! They sometimes go with two BBCs, ‘cause – you know, one is not enough, FFS. Anyway, it’s their problem how many they like. The only important thing around here is the fact that you’re going to enjoy quality interracial porn, HD and 4K content, so forth and so on. I am not kidding, brother! For this niche, Blacked.com is the greatest destination money can buy! That’s why we are here today, to talk about the money that you need to get your ticket here. But until then, let’s see why you should buy that ticket! …

What you’ll get?

Blacked.com is not part of a network. They ride alone! Well, they focus on this niche and the results are way to good to care about being in a network. It’s like when you are Jean-Claude Van Damme! If you can kick everyone’s ass all alone, why would you want to be part of a gang? Also, let’s not forget about the archive that they have on their page. It’s big! Cannot call it massive, ‘cause no premium site has a massive archive, but it’s big! You don’t have the time for it, brother! Especially when they are doing regular updates! If you wanna meet the pornstars, there’s an index where you can go to do so. Some chicks are popular and you have seen them everywhere. Some others are exclusive for this site, only. I am not sure if it correct to say “exclusive” and after “for this site, only”, but you got the picture. I won’t tell you names of girls, ‘cause we are not here for that … discover them on your own! Be a sport guy and not a lazy fucker – step on the actual site and browse the pornstars, to see if you can find a few that tickle your boxes!

Content Quality

Speaking about exclusive interracial porn videos, well, you can imagine that Blacked.com does it all and they do it for their platform. Wanna hear me saying again the word ‘only’? Here it is – the content is for their site, ONLY! And the quality of image, man, it’s unbelievable! You are there! You will just be amazed! Couldn’t believe my eyes, the first time I set foot on the platform! It’s like God came to earth and decided to record the scenes! With equipment from the future, or something! Well, God has access to any type of equipment, right? Let’s not turn this discussion into a blasphemy. The only thing that you need to understand from the above lines would be the fact that their high definition (videos) and high-res (pictures) is out of this world!

What i don’t like

Downsides? That’s what you want to hear? I can’t find anything that can be, like for real, considered a downside, a negative side of the entire story. Maybe, just maybe, it’s bad that they offer shit in free mode. If you don’t buy the membership, you see thumbnails and some GIFs on the posts. But which premium site is offering free goodies? Almost none. So, is this a true downside? Is this a negative side? I don’t think so. If it’s bad? Yeah, it is, but when everyone else does it, it becomes a natural thing.

Discount Price Details

Hmm, this is it! This is the moment that we’ve all been waiting for! The money paragraph! That’s why you’re here, right? To get a deal, or something! So, let’s proceed – these are the available memberships: trial (limited access) that lasts 2 days and it costs €2 / day (€4 in total), 30 days (full access) for €35.95 (€1.19 / day), 90 days (full access) for €71.95 (€0.79 / day), 180 days for €119.95 (€0.66 / day). Obviously, the best option / day would be the one that gives you full access for a year and a half. Funny thing to see that the most expensive way to get in would be to get the trial membership. If you consider the price / day, of course. Otherwise, it is the best, since it makes you pay for 2 days only – enough time to see what’s in and to decide if you wanna go with a bigger membership or not! As payment methods, well, not too many – credit card (Visa or MasterCard) and Direct Debit. Have you noticed that they ask EUR and not USD? The prices are in euros, so pay attention to that when you make your purchase. If you are from Europe, it is ok with you, but if you aren’t, the notion of EUR might scare you. Just like Europeans get scared when they have to pay in dollars. It is a wonder why they ask for this currency, when the porn industry works on $$$.


The member benefits that come with the above subscriptions are the following: 6 updates per month, hi-res photo updates, true 1080p videos, mobile & tablet compatibility, bla bla bla. Everything is secured and encrypted, 24/7 support, discreet billing, bla bla bla again. Brother, let’s face it – you don’t come here for amateur porn, for housewives and who knows what else. You come if you are a true fan of the interracial niche. Black on white, that’s the theme of the day, everyday. BBCs, rough sex, teens, pussy getting destroyed, creampies, double penetration, exquisite decor, the hottest quality of image recorded by God himself. This is what Blacked.com has to offer! When it comes to the prices, Blacked is pretty cheap. Most premium sites are selling their memberships for bigger prices. Still, those more expensive sites sell cheaper trial memberships. It’s not the end of the world. Those €4 won’t stop you, I am sure!

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