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How hard can it fucking be as a webmaster?

Before discussing your question, let me share with you some porn statistics –

Every second:

• 28,258 people are watching porn on the world wide web.

• $3,075.64 is being spent on porn.

• 372 persons are typing the word “adult” Google.

Every Day:

• 37 porn clips are created in USA.

• 2.5 billion mails with porn are received or sent.

• 68 million searches related to XXX – 25% from total searches of any sort – are generated.

• 116,000 queries related to child XXX are made.

How does all of the above affect the americans (we talking about USA, ‘cause that’s the place that consumes the most porn)?

• About 200,000 Americans are classified as “porn addicts.”

• 40 million americans visit porn sites on a regular basis.

• 35% of all downloads are related to adult entertainment.

• 34% of people using the Internet, have experienced exposure to porno content (ads, etcetera)

• 1/3 of XXX users are women.

And the most important thing of them all (so says Forbes) – in 2010, it seems that, out of the million most popular sites on the Internet, 42,337 have a connection with sex. 4% from the grand total. That’s a lot, bitches!

Now, let’s go back to your question – how hard can it fucking be? It is hard as hell to be a succesful webmaster in this industry. And in order to be succesful, you need to know the tips and tricks, the secrets, the walkthrough. Like I know everything!

You don’t say! If so, can you share some with me?

I am a good guy! I will share some shit, but I won’t make you a millionaire. First of all, you need to know the shit about SEO. What is SEO? What can it do for you? Should you go with it? Is that important? As I already told you above, I am good people and for this reason, I am going to tell you how important is SEO for you, but you need to do your own research regarding it.

It’s not a simple process. You need knowledge. SEO is the most important thing on a website, since it works with search engines and we all know that everyone is using these engines. And you will need this list that I’m providing here, because it will give you Google webmaster tools or Bing webmaster tools, to be on your way with the work. Search Engine Optimization = SEO! Have you ever wondered why some sites, when you make a search on Google, are present on the first 1-2-3 result pages, while others can be found on the 20th? My friend, it’s all about SEO. It can make your business wealthy as fuck, or it can ruin you before you even start. And this process, besides the fact that it is complicated and you need a lot of knowledge to implement it, takes a lot of time. Months and months of work before you can see SOME results. It’s not easy to earn money, otherwise everyone would be rich!

Nice shit! What else can you give me on this list?

Your girlfriend after I am done with her! Funny, no? As explained, you might find some SEO analytics tools, you might find some website builders which will help you build your platform, you might get some other tools that will build your logo, your templates, or whatever the fuck when it comes to website design.

I might even give you tips on where to find freelancers to do your dirty work. You cannot do anything without them and you will need them on a daily basis for your daily tasks.

WTF? Why can’t I do everything by myself?

Why? Hmm! Only God can do anything by himself! I mean, maybe, just maybe, you can do some things by yourself in the beginning, to put the first bricks of your “building”, but after that? You will need people that know what they are talking about, to help you in your journey, people with porn webmaster knowledge, so forth and so on.

Also, you will die in the blink of an eye in this industry without the tools I am about to provide in this list. You know shit yet! Come on, answer this questions: WTF is Omegle website? WTF are Chrome blocking websites? So many questions, so many answers to be found!

I can be a webmaster! Why you fucking mock?

Grrr! Dear Lord, brother! Do you have any idea how many people just like you, in their bedrooms in front of their laptops, think that they can be porn webmasters over night? How many think that they can put together right away a porn tube like Pornhub or xVideos? It takes years, it takes work, it takes ingenuity.

You need to understand that there is a lot of competition. You’ve seen the numbers above! Your product must be smart, must hold a great concept, something new – or if it holds an old concept, then make it better!

I heard about “affiliates”! What does this mean?

Through an affiliate program, you can make money via other porn websites. For example, you build a website and on this website, you gather people. You will, then, redirect the visitors to places like Brazzers, or many others, to buy their porn. And you will get a percentage out of it. Or you can promote live sex chat rooms from other websites and when someone pays to see a girl, you will, again, get a percentage from the sell.

It sounds simple, but it isn’t. Many people are making lots of money by using affiliate programs, but for that, your website needs targeted traffic. In order to get this kind of traffic, you need SEO, you need search engines. You need knowledge, you need tools, you need my list that can be found right here. After a few years, you will contact me and you will fucking say “Thank you, my king!”. ‘Cause I’ll be the one who made your fortune and made you the millionaire that you will fucking be!

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